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    May 22nd 2012
    TeaLove replied to fullsize's question:

    Help, my loss has stalled for a month.

    Hiya Try reducing your beans (say to 3/4 c per meal, any less than that right now I think might be too low calorie for your current energy needs and just reducing beans a little right now will a...

    May 18th 2012
    TeaLove replied to Dash4's question:

    Is this sustainable for me?

    Hello Just wanted to say that it sounds like you need to hit the weights and find a balanced approach to eating that works for you. From what I understand you do not want to lose anymore weight ...

    May 6th 2012
    Apr 7th 2012
    TeaLove replied to jovrtn's question:

    Adding one fruit to the slow carb regimen

    Grapefruit would be my choice. It is extremely low on the glycemic index

    Mar 13th 2012
    TeaLove replied to unnamed's question:

    The deal with diet coke and sugar-free gum?

    Have a look at this chart on this link, it really explains insulin spikes very well! Carbs are Killing You Graphic Best!

    Mar 7th 2012
    TeaLove replied to Marie_Mtl's question:

    1 month on the SCD and only weight gain :(

    Hiya! Everyone has already given great tips and if you incorporate the changes that they suggest you will likely start seeing results. YAY! One thing you may want to try if those suggestions do...

    Feb 23rd 2012
    TeaLove commented on Beorn86's reply:

    Deadlifts FTW! Agreed, one of the top 5 for sure!

    Feb 4th 2012
    TeaLove replied to fortheloveofoscar's question:

    Not sure if I'm ready, but curious about trap exercises

    Congratulations! I would start out with Shoulder Press & Lateral Raises as the Trapezius is one of the prime movers in both exercises and you will see great results from doing those Once you...

    Feb 4th 2012
    TeaLove commented on Falcon76's reply:

    Falcon is correct, you can do a billion crunches a day and if your body fat % is still high you will never see them. I would, however, add plank...

    Jan 31st 2012
    TeaLove voted for Falcon76's reply to:
    Jan 31st 2012
    TeaLove replied to Silver007A's question:

    Carb craving because of taste in mouth

    It sounds like what you are experiencing is ketosis and if that is the case you probably need to increase your daily legume consumption a little, give it a try and see what happens! Good luck

    Jan 30th 2012
    Jan 26th 2012
    TeaLove commented on TeaLove's reply:

    I know, right?!?! It is crazy!

    Jan 25th 2012
    TeaLove replied to Seriously's question:

    Effects of stopping hormonal BC

    I went off bc within the last year (Mirena IUD, 8 yrs total) and it made no difference whatsoever but I am sure that is not the case with everyone. I feel like my hormones became pretty stable (st...

    Jan 25th 2012
    TeaLove replied to resapieces's blog post:

    sodium overload

    Last year they dropped the daily healthy suggested maximum to 1500 mg's per day. As you said, reducing the amount of cured meat you consume is going to vastly improve those numbers and as Arcticha...

    Jan 25th 2012
    TeaLove commented on Pierrebuz's reply:

    If shortening your stride doesn't help trying lengthening it just a tiny bit and see what happens. If you don't have a chronic knee injury then st...

    Jan 25th 2012
    Jan 25th 2012
    TeaLove commented on TeaLove's question:

    I just wanted to bring this blog up again because I have noticed that some peeps seem to be dropping their goal weight lower and lower when what i...

    Jan 24th 2012
    TeaLove replied to Jens102's question:

    posterior cruciate ligament tear - still problems

    Hey Sorry to hear about your knee I know a couple of women with this same injury and when they re-injure themselves they are required to wrap it in a special way so that the knee tracks properl...

    Jan 22nd 2012
    TeaLove commented on TeaLove's reply:

    @ECat: No noooo nutellllaaaa! That stuff also has demonic properties lol I found out while we were away this year that I am allergic to an additiv...

    Jan 18th 2012
    TeaLove commented on TeaLove's reply:

    It would seem that you misunderstood my reply and for that I am sorry. No one was saying that 'drugs are bad', especially since that drug in parti...

    Jan 18th 2012
    TeaLove commented on TeaLove's reply:

    To clarify: I was merely speaking from my own experience with the substance as it always made me super hungry and lethargic which I can't see bein...

    Jan 18th 2012
    Jan 18th 2012
    TeaLove replied to 4hbwoman's question:

    Peanut Butter Binge

    Take it from me... Get.Rid.Of.It. I have zero self-control when it comes to the stuff too and I have even tested my control periodically... I will buy a jar of it or of almond butter and think t...

    Jan 18th 2012
    TeaLove commented on TeaLove's reply:

    Oh man, the only thing I can see happening is just being wicked hungry and maybe a little lazy but I agree with Tinesloaf that you might want to t...

    Jan 18th 2012
    Jan 17th 2012
    TeaLove commented on TeaLove's reply:

    I said something like, 'If it served exactly the same purpose then yeah but if it was a SUPER POWERED INFUSED FLAG A F*CKWAD button then it would ...

    Jan 14th 2012
    TeaLove commented on TeaLove's reply:

    WTF? I just posted something here and it didn't come up. Ugh.

    Jan 14th 2012
    TeaLove replied to Teresa phelan's blog post:

    Member intro: 40 pounds to goal!

    Welcome and congratulations!

    Jan 13th 2012
    TeaLove commented on TeaLove's reply:

    Right, I thought you might have seen it already but wasn't sure.

    Jan 13th 2012
    TeaLove replied to 42Wired's question:

    Report Member Option

    There is a way to flag a post...if you click on the red flag beside 'Cool Question' underneath the post I just used it myself

    Jan 13th 2012
    TeaLove replied to bluker's blog post:

    Back to "dating weight"

    Hi There and Welcome! I am really hoping that you mean kilograms? Best, Tea

    Jan 12th 2012
    TeaLove replied to Infinity's question:

    4 Weeks = 10 Lbs Heavier

    In addition to what the others have said....are her portions the same size as yours? Is she following SCD to the letter or is this something that more appeals to you and she is trying to be suppor...

    Jan 9th 2012
    Jan 8th 2012
    TeaLove commented on justin's reply:

    Sorry to chime in but both Justin and your PT are right. However, if you are trying to stick with a slightly modified SCD or Paleo approach as Ju...

    Jan 7th 2012
    TeaLove replied to mandy's question:

    Myotatic OWW!!

    This is going to sound bizarre but when doing them again press your tongue to the roof of your mouth through out the entire exercise and really focus on using your abdominal muscles, part of the i...

    Jan 3rd 2012
    TeaLove replied to MuseRay's question:

    Lose body fat and gain muscle...which first? or both?

    Hi! Congratulations on your progress so far. Your journey will be more satisfying and likely shorter if you choose whether you want to lose fat or gain muscle first. Doing both simultaneously is ...

    Jan 2nd 2012
    TeaLove replied to justin's question:

    Setting Resolutions: MACE

    A great approach to meeting goals and a kind of ironic and hilarious acronym lol!

    Dec 31st 2011
    Dec 31st 2011