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Emkooda commented on landau30's reply:

Tim's objection to soy products is based on the high level of photoestrogens the contain. It does not appear to be because they will put on weight...

Jun 13th 2011
Emkooda replied to Will's question:

Leave the SCD?

Hi Will, I have actually been wondering about what eating habits to adopt post-diet too. I think the book would have benefited from some consideration of how to readjust to non-diet life, after a...

Jun 9th 2011
Emkooda asked a question:

Wonders of the tape measure!

While not a question, I wanted to make a suggestion to those who may be starting the diet and have chosen not to measure their total inches with a tape measure - my very strong recommendation is.....

May 24th 2011
Emkooda commented on Minnesota's reply:

Cheers, I'll do that in the meantime.

May 21st 2011
Emkooda commented on 4HourBod's reply:

Thanks heaps, that would be awesome!

May 21st 2011
Emkooda commented on s joshua's reply:

I have been pouring flaxseed oil on most of my meals for the Omega-3 benefits - I really like the taste I must say! I didn't know that it was a les...

May 21st 2011
Emkooda asked a question:

Help! How do I add a full length comment on my own thread?

Simple tech question here, just wondering how I reply to comments in a thread I have started... the comments option doesn't give me enough space! Thanks for you help!

May 19th 2011
Emkooda asked a question:

Vegetarian cod liver oil?

I am happy to buy some of the butter oil Tim recommends, but I don't eat fish, which makes the cod liver oil a problem. Does anyone know if it HAS to be cod liver oil, or can it be some equivalent...

May 15th 2011