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My 4HB Goal: Female, 25, Chicago. After two weeks I've lost 5 lbs and 4 inches! Goal: Lose 20, gain control of eating behavior, and gain self-esteem. :)







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smellslikesound asked a question:

Harajuku Moment

In The 4-Hour Body Ferriss described the Harajuku moment as "an epiphany that turns a nice-to-have into a must-have." What was your harajuku moment? If you haven't had one, how do you ...

May 21st 2011
smellslikesound replied to Shery's question:

Cheat day... buhhhh....

Oh man, I am having the exact same day! I was all giggly in the grocery store buying all the things on my list that I craved during the week (donuts, kit kats, oreos, Ben & Jerry's, cereal) an...

May 21st 2011
smellslikesound replied to Lamby22's question:

Sugar-free Dark Chocolate, an absolute no?

I say try it! I think Tim promotes finding a way to make the diet work for you. If it stalls weight loss, then skip it maybe or find another alternative. I, personally, enjoy sugar-free jello late...

May 21st 2011
smellslikesound replied to jennyncampbell's question:

Cheat day vs 2 cheat meals per week?

I saw an interview Tim did where he mentioned one person having success with two cheat days per week. You could definitely give it a try but there is always the chance it may slow down results. My...

May 19th 2011
smellslikesound replied to vanessa's question:

Day Ten SCD

I'm on day ten as well! My story reads verbatim, literally. I've done nothing but try out new diets for the last eight years of my life, so much so that when I meet up with friends they always ask...

May 19th 2011
smellslikesound asked a question:

how much is too much?

I'm so happy with this eating lifestyle because I can eat black beans again whereas in former short-lived diets I could not. However, I'm concerned I'm eating a bit too much. I'm eating around two...

May 12th 2011
smellslikesound asked a question:

SCD newbie!

Hello all! Today is my first day of the slow carb diet. I'm pretty excited and am taking all the advice given from the book from taking photos of my meals to tracking inches. The only part I am a...

May 10th 2011