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i only pagg stack on cheat day and one day after. since i cut out the legumes altogether (but will eventually cycle them back in), i'm thinking ab...

Aug 20th 2011
4HourStudy asked a question:

sleeping less at night, want more naps during day

I'm now averaging around seven hours a night, if I'm lucky. However, I pretty much need a nap every single day at some point in the afternoon. My best guess is that having gone more much ketogenic...

Aug 19th 2011
4HourStudy asked a question:

who skips SCD breakfast on cheat day??

is it really that big of a deal to skip the traditional 30g protein/legumes/greens/etc. as the first meal of cheat day? if i'm reading "damage control" correctly, the SCD breakfast is s...

Aug 14th 2011
4HourStudy asked a question:

How do you stay "regular" on cheat day?

To keep it simple. Six days a week I've been excellent at an MED fasted workout upon waking, having a casein shake within 30 minutes, followed by 16-20 ounces of coffee. Now, without fail, by the ...

Aug 12th 2011