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My 4HB Goal: Started SCD: 7th Feb 2011 Starting weight: 73kg Height: 158cm Current weight: 61.5kg GOAL: 55kg







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Jenny Au replied to Maria Rider's blog post:

Akane's Before/After Pictures :)

You look so incredible!

Mar 7th 2013
Jenny Au asked a question:

Intermittent-Intermittent Fasting

Hi, I think I'm willing to try some IF soon to see if I can break out of my plateau. I've looked at various schedules and I'll probably go with 16/8 or 15/9, eating between 9-10am-6-7pm (because ...

Mar 7th 2013
Jenny Au replied to Ciaran's tip:

Almost a year - My Transformation!

Wow, you look amazing! You've just sent heaps of motivation in my direction!

Mar 7th 2013
Jenny Au commented on Bud's reply:

I don't think I could do a cheat meal, I've skipped a cheatday altogether before and it's been ok but I'm literally thinking about food the entire...

Mar 7th 2013

I'm pretty sure my main issue is marinaded meats. I avoid them when possible but well, mum cooks.

Mar 7th 2013
Feb 28th 2013
Jenny Au replied to Mike Anthony's question:

Eating Ham?

I eat it quite regularly, especially as a snack. There isn't sugar in the ones I get (usually chicken loaf or turkey breast) but usually some sort of preservative and some starch (maize). I just t...

Feb 28th 2013
Jenny Au asked a question:

Old timers

Hi guys! I started slow carb way back in Feb 11 and I lost about 13kg. Then holidays and a relationship followed and a gained about 4-5kg back. Then I was on/off for a while but never going overb...

Feb 28th 2013
Jenny Au replied to Bugzy Chorky's question:


I love peri-peri! And maybe a bit of tamari. And home made guacamole!

Feb 28th 2013
Jenny Au replied to sbrown's question:

What is your favorite cheat meal?

I always start with a bowl of muesli and yoghurt. And snack the entire day! Love Parma, pizza, Indian and pastries - so much pastry!!!

Mar 23rd 2012
Feb 29th 2012
Feb 29th 2012
Feb 28th 2012
Jenny Au asked a question:

Quick, cheap & easy traveller's food?

Hi Everyone, I'm going on a 2mth holiday soon and I want to stick to SCD as much as possible in hopes of getting closer to my goal weight when I get back (Start 73kg, 6.5kg to go!). I'll be in t...

Jun 22nd 2011
Jenny Au replied to magida's question:

Breakfast options > unflavoured protein shake?!

Hi, I'm in Australia too and I've bough liquid egg whites from Coles before They're found in the freezer section next to the puff pastry/filo stuff!

Jun 16th 2011