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Mar 6th 2012
astradyne is doing a tutorial!

Fat burning circuit: Routine 1

Burn fat and add tone up with this series of 6 circuit training routines. Each full-body routine consists of 8 different resistance training exerci...

Mar 6th 2012
astradyne asked a question:

york test vs. cheat day

hey to you all 4hour people, so last year i had this york test done. for people who may not know its about what your body is intolerant to food. mine is cows milk, egg white, yeast, sesames and pa...

May 11th 2011
astradyne replied to amwright's question:

Best salt to use

I am very new to 4HB but my guess would be sea salt. I saw a lot of people wrote sea salt on their diet list. plus i love that crunchy taste=)

May 9th 2011