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How do you figure? Eggs and bacon are not going to give you a heart attack.

Apr 17th 2012
cvesper replied to RainingHands's question:

Down to 14.3% from 20.6% in one month!

I just started taking cider vinegar, that's really cool. Nice to see that you dropped so much while still on lentils too!

Apr 10th 2012

This is it right here

Mar 23rd 2012

Use real bacon, and sticking to the pain won't be a problem. I used montreal steak seasoning on the bacon while i baked it and that gave it a lot...

Feb 13th 2012
cvesper replied to DexV's question:


I got a 35lb bell, and that was just about right to start. Walmart online was the cheapest place I found (mostly because there's 97cent shipping).

Feb 10th 2012
cvesper replied to killswitch's question:

Legumes? Are they necessary?

If you're eating enough veggies, then you're fine. Some people drop legumes when they stall, and I think they leave it out of the last mile.

Feb 3rd 2012
cvesper commented on elquent's reply:

Body recomposition is a big reason why people shouldn't just watch the scale. I lost weight, but then stalled and even gained. I was really frus...

Feb 3rd 2012

I'm sure that's exactly it. I spend a lot of time in Ketosis. One way to combat this is to drink more water. The more you flush out, the less i...

Feb 3rd 2012
cvesper replied to dlooeps's question:

KFC Grilled Chicken

I often get their double down's on grilled filets. I know the cheese isn't allowed, but I usually have it anyways.

Feb 3rd 2012
cvesper commented on yarnphreak's reply:

I agree that it depends on the person, and I would recommend trying it knowing that it might stall you. I've been drinking a casein shake in the ...

Feb 3rd 2012
cvesper commented on Sam Green's reply:

Tim's dad saw results from using a protein shake in the morning, and Laura has suggested using Casein rather than whey. I've been using both case...

Feb 3rd 2012
cvesper replied to PerspectiveSourceD's question:

What does Timothy Ferriss or the 4hb crowd have to say about marijuana?

Try asking Tim on Twitter or submitting it to his blog. He doesn't answer here. I have seen results on vaporizing every day with this diet. Make sure you're prepared to deal with the cravings a...

Feb 3rd 2012
cvesper replied to killswitch's question:

Cheat Day timing.

It would be hard (especially being new to the diet) to go 11 days without cheating. I'd recommend having the first cheat day on Saturday, and then continue from there.

Feb 3rd 2012
cvesper commented on Beorn86's reply:

Beer has been the least of my worries in weight gain from cheat day, but mainly, it's your chance to have whatever you want. Strangely enough, so...

Nov 18th 2011
cvesper commented on lisa_a's reply:

I must add to this. I chain drink green tea now! It gives me something to enjoy and consume that will be beneficial rather than harmful.

Nov 9th 2011
cvesper commented on likwidtek's reply:

Oh I had no idea that it was only allowed in small amounts. Interesting

Nov 9th 2011
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Nov 9th 2011
Nov 9th 2011
Nov 7th 2011
cvesper replied to Steph's question:

Reaching 30g for breakfast w/o over eating

Keep the yolk in! Doing so would get you at 24g of protein right there, then you only need to find 6g to fill!

Sep 24th 2011
cvesper commented on cvesper's reply:

Oh and also, if you're seeing stalls or problems with weight loss, be sure to examine what you're eating or post it here for others. I often find...

Sep 24th 2011
cvesper replied to guestnurse's question:

can I skip my cheat day?

Of course you can skip it, you can do whatever you want. I wouldn't recommend it though. Cheat day is helpful in that it restores muscle glycogen and for most of us there are huge psychological b...

Sep 24th 2011
cvesper replied to Arelleth's question:

Time for a Change

I know what you mean. I was eating egg after egg after egg (and bacon), and finally got to the point where I wanted something different. I always browse the local grocery store meat section becau...

Sep 24th 2011
cvesper replied to Dana W's question:

Guilt on Cheat day?

If I go easy on a cheat day, I usually regret not eating a lot of things when it's over. If I go without restraint, I get to the point where I literally don't want that junk anymore, and welcome ...

Sep 24th 2011
cvesper replied to LoLo's question:

weight loss after no sweetener -except stevia

I hate that this is the case . What am I going to do about my 2 energy drinks a day?... I guess there's no more living in denial!

Sep 19th 2011
cvesper commented on danhonda's reply:

Thanks for the info! I had been doing Tim's ab exercises and am seeing some results, but not as much as I'd like. I was really thinking about do...

Sep 19th 2011
cvesper replied to Poppy0920's question:

Having headache..

Honestly, if your doctor says not to do it, I would listen. As far as the headaches go, see this thread:

Sep 19th 2011
cvesper replied to Vtine311's question:

Margarine vs Butter

I know butter is allowed, and I use it with everything. I've always heard margarine is bad for you. I think it has trans fat? It's definitely not natural, so I'm guessing it'd be less healthy t...

Sep 19th 2011
cvesper replied to Vtine311's tip:

Grilled Bacon Jalapeno Wraps - YUM!

I've had my eye on those. I wonder what it would be like with some black beans inside... or maybe if you could pour some cottage cheese in after.

Sep 19th 2011
cvesper replied to lisa_a's question:

2 cheat days a week

A couple weeks ago my birthday was on a Thursday, I cheated then and on Saturday. I was up 7lbs after...

Sep 19th 2011
cvesper commented on 42Wired's reply:

I'll have to try to drink more water because I believe I'm having the same problem.

Sep 16th 2011
Sep 16th 2011

Indeed, love Franks hot sauce

Sep 16th 2011
cvesper commented on cvesper's reply:

Thanks. Yeah I've done the lists, now I do lists of recipes and am starting to try preparing different desserts and such on cheat day.

Sep 16th 2011
cvesper replied to Vtine311's question:

If at first you don't succeed try again....

I've definitely gotten to the point a few times lately where I want my freedom back, and with slowed progress I'm getting closer to flying off the rails. Today, my co-workers brought in donuts, ...

Sep 15th 2011
cvesper shared a tip:

Oven scrambled eggs

Here's a little recipe for scrambled eggs, it's an easy way to prepare a lot of eggs (for a lot of people or for meals ahead of time). Substitute water for milk. I've tried it and they turn out n...

Sep 15th 2011