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    KendraLynne replied to mexico bound's question:

    Women wait until week 5!

    Congratulations and THANK YOU! I got super discouraged recently after the past few weeks, not losing after cheat day one week and then going up one pound this week (Cheat day is tomorrow). Hear...

    May 27th 2012
    KendraLynne replied to Sam Green's question:

    Should I stop weighing myself? Scales are driving me nuts!

    The scale is the bane of my existence and the root of my unhealthiest habits. I go to the gym every day and weight myself before and after exercise. Sometimes even a third time between weight tr...

    May 25th 2012
    KendraLynne replied to lalasf's question:

    Trader Joes Refried "Salsa Style" beans

    I LOVE those! Also so so good: Trader Joes Jalapeno Black Beans, and the Cuban Style Black Beans!

    May 25th 2012
    KendraLynne replied to RainingHands's question:

    Down down deeper and down

    Way to go! I'm only down about 4 lbs (just finishing up my second week) but I was down a whole percentage point in body fat when I checked a few days ago! We'll see how it looks after this Bach...

    May 11th 2012
    KendraLynne replied to Angel67's question:

    Need to lose 175 pounds

    Yay! I find the best way to start is to plan a menu for the week: breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks. As Tim mentions in his book, repetition is helpful in sticking to the diet--I eat the s...

    May 10th 2012

    Last week: Breakfast: 3 egg, spinach and asparagus omelet filled with my daily allotment of hummus Lunch: Ground beef (seasoned with McCormicks ...

    May 7th 2012
    KendraLynne asked a question:

    Slow Carb Pinterest Boards

    Anyone on this site have a slow-carb Pinterest board? If so, what is your username? I'd love to follow you for recipe ideas!! Mine is Kendra StJohn, the board is called "When I'm good I'm...

    May 4th 2012
    KendraLynne asked a question:

    Timing of air squats and such

    "Elitists, eating three meals a day as opposed to one day-long super-meal. It's disgusting." --Happy Endings Getting geared up (Nervous!) for my first cheat day on Saturday. I'll be st...

    May 4th 2012
    KendraLynne asked a question:

    Back in the game!!

    Hello! After a long hiatus, I'm back on the SCD!! I went on the SCD last year, starting at about 142 lbs, 5' 5". I went down to 134 lbs with SCD (and, let's be honest: Phentermine), kept i...

    May 4th 2012
    KendraLynne replied to Arelleth's question:

    Time for a Change

    This week my meals were: Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs, mashed up with lentils, dijon mustard, a bit of olive oil and cayenne pepper, mixed with spinach (sounds and looks pretty gross, but it's...

    Sep 23rd 2011
    KendraLynne replied to zannix's question:

    First binge day - Is this NORMAL?

    Same thing happened to me, on the diet for real now-- last week started at 133 on Monday, up to 135 on Friday (Some people can do fine with some parmesean cheese, I can't. And I was going bugs-bu...

    Aug 30th 2011
    KendraLynne commented on zannix's reply:

    No progress at all this week Instead--I gained about 1.5 lbs since Monday, despite working out every day and sticking to the diet 99.9%. . .I'm ...

    Aug 26th 2011
    Aug 26th 2011
    KendraLynne replied to Vtine311's question:

    Wasabi and soy sauce?

    Wasabi should be OK--the paste you get in sushi restaurants is usually powdered wasabi (a root similar to horseradish) mixed with water to make a paste. . .there may be some starch as a binding ag...

    Aug 25th 2011
    KendraLynne replied to dnice53's question:

    Chipotle App!

    Love it! I had a Chipotle bowl yesterday--black beans, barbacoa, fajita veggies, pico de gallo, medium salsa, guacamole and lettuce! If I had more money, I'd eat there every day!!! Does anyone...

    Aug 25th 2011
    KendraLynne replied to Stephen's question:

    Questions about the 15 minute female orgasm for Nicole Daedone and OneTaste

    Just one question: Can I find TF and give him a high five? I've never had a problem reaching orgasm since I first discovered how, but I often find it difficult to instruct men on EXACTLY how I li...

    Aug 25th 2011
    Aug 25th 2011


    Aug 25th 2011
    KendraLynne asked a question:

    Back in the saddle again!

    Feel free to sing that title, It's probably going to be in my head the rest of the day! After a long undisciplined hiatus I'm officially back on SCD--for REAL this time, no "just a nibble/sp...

    Aug 23rd 2011
    KendraLynne replied to lookslikenickc's question:

    Corn bread

    corn=Not allowed Bread=Not allowed Cornbread=extra not allowed Cornbread with butter and honey=You may have just inspired a craving for a cheat day that I've admittedly NOT earned this week

    Aug 19th 2011
    KendraLynne replied to cbuijs's question:

    Gatorade allowed?

    Powerade Zero, Vitamin Water Zero, or Sobe Life Water may be better choices, but be careful--their sweet tastes can not only increase insulin production, but can lead to more sugar cravings, which...

    Aug 19th 2011
    KendraLynne replied to Jessie's question:

    SCD - Should I wait to start?

    Funny you should ask that, today's quote on this site is "Do not wait, there will never be a perfect time" OK, that's probably not verbatim. . .

    Aug 19th 2011
    KendraLynne replied to Mags's question:

    Anyone know how to make riceless sushi?

    I don't know how to MAKE sushi, but after working as a waitress in a sushi bar for 9 months, I certainly know what I like! Favorite ever roll, unfortunately 1 ingredient away from being SCD approv...

    Aug 2nd 2011
    KendraLynne replied to cruey's question:

    cravings? this might help you get by...

    Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha! Stupid jerk fattening foods!

    Aug 2nd 2011
    KendraLynne replied to yuriythebest's tip:

    What you eat VS how much

    Only 1 kg (appx 0.5lb) gain on cheat day?? That's awesome! Like mentioned in the book, excessive glucose (as well as salt) causes your body to hold on to water in attempt to acheive proper conce...

    Aug 2nd 2011
    KendraLynne asked a question:

    Upcoming vacation!

    For the past (appx) 348 days, I've been looking forward to my annual vacation to Lake Powell. However, now I'm starting to get a bit anxious. The past two years, I've gained 5-8 lbs in the week ...

    Jul 7th 2011
    KendraLynne replied to Shogun's question:

    Lack of complex carbs has my doctor concerned

    Vegetables and beans ARE complex carbohydrates. I disputed this with my trainer when he told me I needed carbs in my diet, too. He had no argument when presented with the easy fact that they ar...

    Jul 7th 2011
    KendraLynne replied to lovelybones's question:

    How many eggs can I safely eat a day?

    Eggs are so good for you! The idea of eggs leading to high cholesterol has been debunked with recent science. The study that showed eating cholesterol leads to heart disease went something like ...

    Jul 7th 2011
    KendraLynne asked a question:

    Fantastic article on Fructose

    I've found that using quick facts from this article is a great way to quiet those well-meaning friends and family who balk: "No fruit!?!? But. . .it's NATURAL sugar!!" http://designsfo...

    May 15th 2011
    KendraLynne asked a question:

    Best way to measure progress?

    I'm frusterated trying to get an accurate recording of my process with SCD and exercise. I know weight's not accurate, because I'm losing fat and building muscle. I don't trust the body fat p...

    May 9th 2011