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My 4HB Goal: Female. 25. lose MAX 10lbs (mostly fat), decrease waist measurement from 28inches to 26, increase muscle tone in abs and arms







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i think you're right about that. at the same time, almonds and almond butter do prevent me from cheating... after so much salt, it's the only remo...

Jul 6th 2011
formerRawVegan asked a question:


Hi gang So i've been in the wilderness (an island) for a few weeks now working and as i'm w/o a scale and living w/company members, i'm having a hard time following SCD to a "t" and not ...

Jul 2nd 2011

um that's a brilliant idea. gonna see if i can go get myself some protein powder stat... a little in the middle of no where but the health food st...

Jul 1st 2011

guess what... i DO HAVE A gluten intolerance. i'm known for miles around as the wheat-free chiquita. been that way for 10 years. also. i love how ...

Jun 9th 2011
formerRawVegan asked a question:

How to afford this/Continue abroad?

So thanks to the support of many 4HourPeeps, I have NOT left the diet and, by adding crazy amounts of protein, am perhaps seeing some success... too early to really know for sure, but probable. S...

Jun 8th 2011

this whole starving thing seems crazy to me since a)i'm stuffing my face at 1250cal/day and b) everything i've ever read has said someone my age/s...

Jun 7th 2011
formerRawVegan replied to Beaver's question:


um YES to the cauliflower fried rice! as a raw vegan i used to make cauliflower "tabouli"... (food processor the cauliflower and add mint, parsley, kalamata olives, pepper, salt, olive o...

Jun 6th 2011

i think i'm gonna cut the lemon water for a few days. i've been drinking at least one cup ice/lemon water before breakfast daily if not a few more...

Jun 6th 2011

Um yeah... I drink lemon water all day and esp with ice before breakfast daily! No good?

Jun 5th 2011
formerRawVegan commented on nef's reply:

could you explain what you mean by modified? are you eating fruit, grains, etc? and basically just having a SCD breakfast?

Jun 3rd 2011

have you decided to skip it? i think i'm going to technically "cheat" but with low-calorie, low-fat foods like fruit and yogurt. i'm sti...

Jun 3rd 2011

hey @secretfatlosslady! i'm having a lot of trouble with this diet (have stuck to it to the letter, no cheating, and lost nothing. am 25, 5'4'', 1...

Jun 2nd 2011
Jun 2nd 2011

Unfortunately... I do all those things. When I wake, I get up ASAP and either start making breakfast or do 10min morning exercises before breakfa...

Jun 2nd 2011

really? so many more calories? all from meat/fish? i'd be stuffing myself. i went down a bit today, perhaps from increasing the protein. any thoug...

Jun 2nd 2011

i second that!

Jun 2nd 2011

Thanks Jones. (and thanks for the support! i don't want to quit but not seeing ANY results after 5 weeks is rough.) So i added PGG back in (no ALA...

Jun 2nd 2011

It's funny, my period did come 2 weeks early... But I hadn't started PAGG yet. The only thing I experienced was awful axis reflux so I've stopped...

Jun 2nd 2011
formerRawVegan asked a question:

alright. help. not working. week 5

About a week ago, i posted this : saying nothing was happening and asking for advice (and a week after i started, i posted this, as i'd g...

Jun 1st 2011
formerRawVegan replied to alexlarge's question:

Sauces - what can you have?

mustards! (that don't have sugar. no honey dijon)

May 30th 2011

hi miracles. i'm almost in your same boat.... not on the vegetarian (though i was vegan) but in that i'm not seeing any changes. i committed mysel...

May 29th 2011

wow. would you mind laying out exactly what you mean by strict adherence to damage control? i do the squats and wall presses, try to flex abs whil...

May 29th 2011

you do not think it has added to your weight loss? why are you taking it then? for blood pressure? pretty positive that ALA is giving me heart bur...

May 29th 2011

this is interesting because that night i'm pretty sure i ate at 9... but then when i took my PAG right before bed, i took it, and got in bed. i wo...

May 28th 2011

i'm not having an allergic reaction, just heart burn/acid that's lasted all day. i've definitely been taking 250mg ALA 3x a day. i was tentative ...

May 28th 2011
formerRawVegan replied to fahadnari's question:

What exercises are recommended for people with disc problems?

hi fahad. i came very close to slipping a disc a few months ago and developed sciatica down my left leg. also being a very active person (bike everywhere, yoga 6x/week, tennis, weights), it was he...

May 27th 2011

have you continued with just PGG and no ALA substitute? and have you seen results from that?

May 27th 2011
formerRawVegan asked a question:

pagg heart

i've read on here that some people have determined that they get heart burn/acid reflux from the ALA. i just started PAGG last thursday and woke up this morning with that sort of stomach ulcer bur...

May 27th 2011

hey emily, have you continued with PAGG with ALA at a lower dose? i've only been on PAGG for a week and am starting to experience ulcer like feeli...

May 27th 2011

this was very helpful. thanks! a few questions... how much exercise do you do? if you don't mind, how old are you? and also, at what point did you...

May 27th 2011

that it will be! it's weird not really gaining considering how much i'm eating (so i love that part, as calorie counting blows), but i'd still rea...

May 27th 2011
formerRawVegan replied to evaclare's question:

Why am i GAINING? inches and pounds?!

hey eva i don't have so much an answer for you as ... this happened to me too. I'm 5'4'' starting 133, lost 2lbs in first 2weeks, and now (after cheat day #3 and 2 days until cheat #4) i'm at 134....

May 26th 2011

thanks! yes. long. i've a tendency to do that. ....and i think you're right about not getting enough protein. 1 turkey burger patty is only 15-1...

May 26th 2011
formerRawVegan asked a question:

help. 3 days of meals

Hi all So. i am into my 4th week of 4hourBody, i can't believe it, and while I feel good and thought I had lost... have not lost anything. (The fact that i haven't gained is shocking because for ...

May 24th 2011
formerRawVegan replied to NatalieGS's question:

Ladies- changes in your period???

yup. on the pill. yup my period showed up a whopping week early and has lasted extra long while being super light. i didn't think it was related to the diet but after reading this now I guess it i...

May 23rd 2011

hey! no i didn't have a bad reaction to it. basically i've been very tired (unrelated... long week) and took PAGG in the morning instead of just AG...

May 23rd 2011

i got the same one! here's my question... did you get someone to use them on you? because there doesn't seem to be a way to do it to yourself. unle...

May 21st 2011

hey Laura! for my 3rd cheat day, i pretty much just had fruit and yogurt (to the point of not wanting more) and haven't been hungry for the rest of...

May 21st 2011
formerRawVegan replied to bluedragonph's question:

Supplements: Policosanol is it really needed?

this is going to sound crazy since it's such a simple instruction... haven't been seeing results AND had to move my cheat day this week (so i can move it next week), so i started PAGG today. as ev...

May 20th 2011
formerRawVegan replied to puerhtea's question:

On to week 6...upping my game

@puerhtea i'm thrilled to see this because i'm 5'4'' (25) starting weight 133 and my weight fluctuates during the week... usually ending on 131... but not going further. i'm about to have my third...

May 19th 2011

did you do the PAGG?

May 19th 2011

i'm in the same boat @landau30, so i'd love to hear a bit more about what you're doing/etc

May 19th 2011

my dad is always "excited" to try whatever i suggest, but he never actually does it. this seemed easy and i showed them results from other people. ...

May 18th 2011
formerRawVegan asked a question:

Thanks 4HourPeople

Just wanted to thank everyone here for being here... not only am I excited about this BUT, i've managed to get my parents hooked (in addition to my sister and best friend and HER boyfriend! ha). m...

May 17th 2011

and would you mind listing the mg of each supplement you took? there's so much variety, and i'm so hesitant to take all these pills

May 14th 2011

Gotcha. Yeah I bought them but have been nervous to start takin them ...especially now that I realized I buggy 750mg green tea instead of 325mg :( ...

May 14th 2011
formerRawVegan asked a question:

PAGG drug interactions

Very excited that my PAGG setup has finally arrived courtesy of (cheapest option i found) and I'm ready to start tomorrow, one day before my cheat day. Has anyone experienced drug inte...

May 13th 2011

Mmmm yes they do! But RE: sausages, I'm talking about homemade biergarten brats. Hope there's no sugar!

May 12th 2011