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jaimidaw commented on IAmDildy's reply:

Agree.. My food budget was $150..for a family of 5, to last two weeks.. Even getting the meat cheap, I don't share it, I don't buy organic either,...

Jun 2nd 2011
jaimidaw commented on s joshua's reply:

Damn.. I've been going threw a bottle of organic lemon juice per week.. So happy I saw someone else's post about it, I've been downing it before e...

Jun 2nd 2011
jaimidaw asked a question:

Lemon juice before every meal ??! Help

Ok, I thought I read in the book that Tim said to drink 3 TBS of fresh squeezed lemon juice per every meal, I was just reading a forum and it said only on binge days... Have I been sabotaging myse...

Jun 2nd 2011
jaimidaw asked a question:

trying so hard to make it 6 weeks .. money ~ inconvinence

Is anyone else having trouble affording this lifestyle ? I'm a stay at home mom, with 3 kids and one income.. So it makes grocery shopping tight.. after I get "My foods" and then my husb...

Jun 1st 2011
jaimidaw replied to mortenft's question:

Am I being to strict with myself?

First of all, Congrats on making it four weeks, I'm going on my 3rd and have only seen a few numbers move on the scale. I don't think your being too strict either, That's the lifestyle/ diet .. No...

May 31st 2011
jaimidaw commented on jaimidaw's reply:

Whoa, Thanks, I'll look into it ..

May 27th 2011

I'm not on the pill and just started this diet and am on day 9, But after my 5th day, I got my period early, It didn't last super long, But I thou...

May 24th 2011
jaimidaw replied to dexters's question:

Before Pics and Stats: 1 Week In

I think you already look great, But glad it's working for you !! Good luck

May 24th 2011
jaimidaw commented on ajwhit's reply:

I'm starting tomorrow as well and am convinced to give it 4 weeks.. Of coarse a man designed it, So it's only obvious this diet would benefit the m...

May 16th 2011
jaimidaw asked a question:

Nursing mom starting SCD Sunday !!

Hello to all.. I have read most important parts of the FHB and took notes and I am ready to start on Sunday.. The only concerns I have are taking the calcium, mag & pottasioum.. I have read in...

May 11th 2011