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4hourstudent is doing a tutorial!

Intermittent Fasting for 9-5ers

This challenge will introduce you a weight loss tactic known as intermittent fasting (IF). Don't worry, it's not a starvation diet, it's simply a m...

Mar 26th 2012
4hourstudent is doing a tutorial!

Fat burning circuit: Routine 1

Burn fat and add tone up with this series of 6 circuit training routines. Each full-body routine consists of 8 different resistance training exerci...

Mar 26th 2012
4hourstudent replied to TeaLove's question:

Holy Crap!

Hey, I just had some too! Pork ribs are actually a cheat day staple for me. The BBQ isn't great but at least you are getting some protein in the meat! If I have had a full cheat day of damage cont...

Jun 19th 2011

Edamame is a GREAT way for me to get protein. I eat it as a snack between my meals (when I'm in class) and also with meals on the side. You have to...

May 6th 2011
4hourstudent replied to MLR1975's question:

What is enough Protein?

In one of Laura Cox's answers to somebody's question of how much protein is enough for breakfast she said, Yes, you're supposed to eat 30g of protein for breakfast and a total of 1.25x per pound...

May 4th 2011