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Lucky1e asked a question:

Four Hours!??!?

I know I am supposed to be eating 30 mg of protein every 4 hours, but when does this begin?At the moment when I begin my meal or when I end my meal? On that note, can I drag out my meal since Tim ...

May 12th 2011
Lucky1e replied to Katyslaughter's question:

This diet rocks, 6lbs down in 3 days!

sounds like you are having GREAT results. I am very curious as to what you are eating for your meals and what exercise, if any you are doing. Thanks!

May 11th 2011
Lucky1e asked a question:

peanut butter

Is peanut butter allowed? how about almond butter?

May 6th 2011
Lucky1e asked a question:

Beginner questions

how long should each meal last? is it true that it can only last one hour? does the four hour begin when I eat my first bite or finish the meal? can I have as much legumes, protein and veggies at...

May 6th 2011
Lucky1e commented on Minnesota's reply:

how do i do it? what does a typical day look like/

May 4th 2011
Lucky1e asked a question:

Burn Fat without big bum

Hi! I need to burn fat at this point. I am not interested in gaining so much muscle, other than on my arms, but my thighs and rear end seem to be getting bigger and harder. Any food and exercise ...

May 4th 2011
Lucky1e asked a question:

Menus HELP!!!

I am new to this and am having a really hard time figuring out what to eat and when I thought I am supposed to eat every four hours? I would love to see some sample menus including times. I tihnk ...

May 4th 2011
Lucky1e asked a question:

Menu Suggestions, Beans

I am new to this and am hoping people can send me their menus. I am still confused as to how much to eat in each meal. I am also wondering how to prepare my beans? First soak and then boil?!!? Coo...

May 3rd 2011