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joffers replied to eclaire's question:

First week: Not so impressed

Hi eclaire, Can you give some numbers of: your starting weight/height? Then here are a few thoughts on what could be wrong: - Did you measure yourself 2-3 days after cheat day? Usually people exp...

May 15th 2011
joffers commented on justin's reply:

Thanks Justin, I edited my post with more details

May 8th 2011
joffers asked a question:

Headache when pushing to failure

I've been doing Occam for about a week now and had my first B workout yesterday. After finding my starting weight for the leg press, I did my my 5/5 set to failure and as I almost reached failure ...

May 7th 2011
joffers replied to jamesandrewbateman's question:

Milk at Midnight - Occam's

The milk sounds good, what about a protein bar (Balance bar or Training 33 YouBar, as mentioned in the book). Hard boiled eggs in the middle of the night doesn't sound great indeed.

May 4th 2011