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Mar 21st 2012
Traps45 asked a question:

This is Awesome!!!

Well it has been over 6 weeks since I started the SCD. Started at 262.5 Weighted in this morning at 238. This has been one of the best eating plans that I have ever followed. Love my cheat da...

Jun 21st 2011
Traps45 commented on Traps45's question:

Update 244.5 lbs Chest 47.5 Waist 44.5 Hips 47 4 inches total and almost 20 lbs. Still haven't started working out. Planning that shortly. L...

Jun 2nd 2011
Traps45 asked a question:

SCD and Smoking

Hey Everyone I have been on the SCD heading into my 3rd week. After 2 weeks I am down 14 pounds. Really pumped. Just got my kettlebells and find that those bad boys can get the heart pumping ...

May 17th 2011
Traps45 asked a question:

P90X Recovery Drink

I have done p90x in the past and have the recovery drink offered from them. Does anyone think that this might mess up the weight loss I have seen so far. Does it fit into the whole SCD plan? I h...

May 9th 2011
Traps45 asked a question:

Kettlebell Swings

How many times a week should I be doing this workout?

May 3rd 2011
Traps45 asked a question:

Getting Started

Got my first week update Haven't done measurements yet, saving those for the end of the month. Weight is down 6.5 lbs. Just from following the meal plan and after a high carb cheat day Saturda...

May 3rd 2011