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My 4HB Goal: I bet my friend $200 I'd have a six pack before he did.







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Not wrong per se. Will it help you lose fat yup. Will it have a whole host of unintended consequences ultimately making you worse off, yup. Fina...

Mar 11th 2013
sirspiffy shared a tip:

Series on Accuracy of BF Measurement

Mar 11th 2013

First off tons of water minimum half your bodyweight (lbs) in ounces, Everyday. In my experience anything concentrated or supplements made me fu...

Sep 29th 2012

I was including the cost of building a coop.

Sep 22nd 2012

So yeah I've tried portion control and it was simply a pain in the ass. I've Here are some things I've discovered and tried. I've upped the s...

Sep 19th 2012
sirspiffy shared a tip:

I had trouble eating salads, until...

I made the vinaigrette from Alton Brown. The first video part talks about care and preparation of Greens, the Second is the Vinaigrette and Caesar Dressing. It took me 2 minutes to make one 4 s...

Sep 19th 2012

You're equivocating the scientific definition with the legal and marketing one.

Sep 19th 2012
sirspiffy replied to Angela MacDonald's question:

Do eggs have to be organic?

Most of these things in the egg world are buzz words. Chickens are omnivores. Modern commercial chicken practice is enriched corn feed. Organic just means they feed it costly organic corn. Fr...

Sep 19th 2012

I usually keep my lower back tight and locked during these so it doesn't get a workout. My understanding of the form is that its similar to a de...

Sep 19th 2012
sirspiffy commented on elquent's reply:

coconut milk is high in sugar so I wouldn't. But again test it. It could have something else in it making it good for weight loss. I thought coco...

Sep 19th 2012
sirspiffy asked a question:

Went a little nuts, Diabetes/Gout must suck

So I went on a bit of a carb and sugar rampage yesterday. Had a prosciutto and cheese sandwich used 1 whole baguette to make some cheese(midnight blue semi-hard) on toast and a late night snack...

Jul 1st 2012
sirspiffy replied to wombat's question:

Beans- how much? also Tim says they can be skipped?

Beans are not the important thing. Its the insoluble fiber they provide. We don't digest this yet it stays in our gut for a relatively long time. It allows us to maximize the nutrition we get f...

Apr 14th 2012
Apr 14th 2012
sirspiffy replied to thatruth34pp's question:

Friend's Father tried 4 hour body says best results for him

It might be worth a shot day 5 is the day that bread makes me salivate. Next rotation I'll try it.

Apr 14th 2012
sirspiffy replied to theWizard's question:

Post Workout Occams Protocol?

Ya, we definitely have to. Remember to drink half you protein shake before the workout and sip on it during breaks. Post workout I either ate chili or cuts of beef with a bowl of spinach. I c...

Apr 14th 2012

Definitely, make own ice cream, way better no intestinal distress Heston Blumenthal in Kitchen Chemistry makes icecream

Apr 14th 2012
sirspiffy commented on LauraCox's reply:

For all intents its a good model, but not entirely accurate. Sounds like its worth testing. Bacon and Potato Pizzas for BL&D with buttery c...

Apr 14th 2012


Apr 12th 2012
sirspiffy replied to denisealldridge's question:

black bean brownie

Seems creative. Needs testing though.

Apr 12th 2012
sirspiffy replied to ClaudiaM's question:

Making Chili with beer

All the beer chili recipes I've seen prescribe a medium bodied ale, for their flavor, by doing a watered down mgd 64 you'd be doing yourself, beer, and the chili a disservice. You're burning of...

Apr 12th 2012
sirspiffy replied to Matt Lambourne's question:

Making chicken more interesting!

Ha sarcasm at its best. any way all the episodes are on youtube channels are /likethehat and /khadgar34 just reference the episodes ...

Apr 12th 2012
sirspiffy replied to Megraam's question:

Office meals; potatoes in soup

It really depends. How much starch from the potatoes, rice, noodle has leaked into the soup? The longer they were in there the more starch has leaked. In both rice and noodles the starch is a ...

Apr 12th 2012
sirspiffy replied to a_different_way's tip:

Mmmmm... lettuce burgers!

Well the two best tips I've used for burgers are first to use a combination of meats from whole portions at home. the winners of burger bash this year 2012 used an even spread of short rib, sirl...

Apr 12th 2012

wonder if grilled lettuce would work too

Apr 12th 2012

definitely gonna use the interesting cut o' lettuce

Apr 12th 2012
sirspiffy replied to Mike25's question:

Acceptable salad dressings? Mayo clinic Salad Daze 1 pt2 remember the c...

Apr 12th 2012
sirspiffy replied to Ramonastar's question:

Experimenting with new menu ideas

Try baking your eggs instead of boiling them make your own ...

Apr 12th 2012
sirspiffy replied to ruthn's question:

SCD on the road meals

Small cooler with salads. Bacon can be cooked beforehand and will keep a while. Bacon drippings can be made into a tasty vinaigrette.

Apr 12th 2012

Be careful with chili a lot of places thicken it with flour

Apr 12th 2012
sirspiffy replied to cookworm123's question:

Can this be made more SCD?

Use zest instead of lemon juice to cut the sugar. Maybe add a little white wine vinegar as a subsitute for the liquid content.

Apr 12th 2012
sirspiffy replied to TeeRaySee's question:

Cuban Pork Chops with Mojo

In the marinade very little sugar actually enters the pork. Its less than a mm penetration. So its fine there. Guy is braising the pork. You've got a couple options, you could braise and use z...

Apr 12th 2012
sirspiffy replied to klclark's question:

Totally just ate my emotions

Hey, sorry about the stressful day. My advice is counter-intuitive and might not be for you specifically. I learned from Eben Pagan that we have limited willpower. Also that emotions come in a...

Apr 12th 2012
sirspiffy replied to jsmith's question:

Slow Carb, but legumes and vegetables have carbs

The Catch is Insulin Carbohydrates are Sugar chains. The longer the sugar chain the more Complex it is. Well, If you look at the Carb breakdown on beans and brocolli

Feb 15th 2012
sirspiffy replied to holla1ha's question:

When I start eating normally again, will the weight come back?

I set out to answer this very question. January '11 I lost ~20lbs almost immediately. May-Jun '11 I was on Occam's Feeding. Weight remained the same however lost 4% bodyfat. After Finishing t...

Feb 15th 2012
sirspiffy commented on popilov's reply:

@popilov the carbs on the cheap one are high for SCD @magida The protein shake is an ...

Feb 15th 2012

ya i believe water intake should be at roughly Half your body weight(lbs) in oz for high speed metabolic function. As most of your BMR is osmosi...

Feb 8th 2012

scale definitely wrong you're high 20s but that's as close as I can guess

Feb 8th 2012
sirspiffy replied to Rodrigo Flamenco's blog post:

20 Pounds after Cheat Day Damn

Whoa 20lbs I wonder if that's a record. Mine's 10lbs. Came off a day or two later. Its one of those weird counter intuitive things actually. Larger people actually have Much faster metaboli...

Feb 8th 2012
sirspiffy replied to Rodrigo Flamenco's question:

Getting Bigger Muscles

Possible to gain muscle and lose fat on the same diet. Yes I've done it. However, it wasn't nearly as effective as either solo. P90x is not my favorite workout program from the stand point of...

Feb 8th 2012
sirspiffy commented on loretta's reply:

The seeds aren't the problem its actually the grinding them into fine dust that does it. The much higher surface area of the dust allows our stom...

Feb 8th 2012
sirspiffy replied to Tomtom's question:

Overeating, Calories, and What Has Worked Best

Hmm... Yeah might have to try this I will keep tabs on the calories for a week just to see.

Feb 8th 2012
sirspiffy commented on Beorn86's reply:

why would you need a smith machine for shrugs? Even the strongest shrugger I know can only do 250, which is a relatively easy DL from the ground ...

Feb 8th 2012
Feb 8th 2012
sirspiffy replied to roberdingo's question:

serious question: taste of semen

Okay man here. Quoting an old Nina Hartley instructional on blowjobs. Onions=Bad Garlic=Bad Dairy=Bad Celery 1 whole head of celery per day Pineapple 1 whole pineapple per day fruits and berries...

Feb 8th 2012
sirspiffy replied to Maria Rider's question:

HIIT Workouts - Ideas?

Best is all out short sprints. Swimming or Running. 50yds and 100 yds are short swimming distances. Running the 100m and 200m dash. 5 or 10 reps depending on conditioning going all out with to...

Feb 8th 2012
sirspiffy replied to Philosophy-Nut's question:

Stomach Fat

Both of the above are correct, however I don't think they answer your question completely. You cannot spot reduce with exercise, however, Tim does mention a topical cream that seemed to do it. ...

Feb 8th 2012