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Laura--I stalled on slow carb but my trainer keeps saying that since i only have 10 lbs left to lose, i shouldn't expect big losses on slow carb. ...

Aug 31st 2011

Yes, and it takes me till Wed or Thurs to lose the 4-5 cheat day lbs I gain each week...then i get back down to the -7 lbs but don't lose anymore....

Aug 10th 2011

Yeah, I'm really trying to cut the coffee additives, but it's a challenge. I think I love the taste of the coffee with the stevia ( little bit sw...

Aug 2nd 2011

oh, and i'm 34 and have 3 kids, 7, 3 and 18 mo.

Aug 1st 2011

trying to ignore that...

Aug 1st 2011

The reason i LIVE for cheat day is b/c that's the only way I can make it all week without sweets/carbs! thanks everyone!

Aug 1st 2011

Well the classes are led by a trainer and are NEVER the same, always working different muscle groups, light weights or heavy, it changes up quite ...

Aug 1st 2011

Yes, I know I could cut those out...but at some point if it's too boring I will just give up...I just live for the cheat day now! I'm afraid I do...

Jul 28th 2011
jennyncampbell asked a question:

Not losing enought weight

Dear everyone, but especially LauraCox, PLEASE help! I did this for 90 days April-June but only lost about 8 lbs, some body fat, but I need to lost more weight. I've had 3 kids and have been doi...

Jul 27th 2011
jennyncampbell asked a question:

Cheat day vs 2 cheat meals per week?

I am having trouble lasting all 6 days with no cheats (I work in a gourmet restaurant)...has anyone tried to do a cheat meal like midweek (dinner) and another cheat meal (on the regular cheat day-...

May 15th 2011
jennyncampbell asked a question:

Muscle Milk bran Protein Plus shake

I see that someone said this shake is not ok, but it is low in carbs and makes a nice "sweet" treat when I'm craving SUGAR!! it's also good in coffee. Can we get some more opinions?? ...

May 4th 2011
jennyncampbell asked a question:

Upset Stomach on Cheat Day

I'm only a month in, but EVERY cheat day--I start off with eggs and coffee. Then by dinner I can either not eat or feel really sick and have a horrible upset stomach by the night time. I take a ...

May 2nd 2011