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Rano_pano replied to Dana W's blog post:

Thoughts on Self Image..

I'm pretty sure most people do....Male or female. But at the same time, the more you scrutinize (sp?) the more determined you become to change and push yourself forward, well in some cases!! Goo...

Jan 19th 2012
Rano_pano replied to mygrin's question:

Introduction and beginner questions

Everything looks good. Targets should be achievable with a bit of dedication and work! Good luck and Welcome!!

Jan 17th 2012
Rano_pano replied to 4hbwoman's question:

Peanut Butter Binge

Long term.....Not much. Just dont let it become a habit. If you feel that you cant just have that small tea spoon of PB before bed......throw it out and dont have it in the house. (or keep it...

Jan 17th 2012
Rano_pano asked a question:

Marathon Training on SCD.

Hi everyone. So.....for some daft reason I've decided that I am going to run a marathon. I've picked the Loch Ness (aye, the one with the monster www.lochnessmarathon.com) Marathon in September, ...

Jan 17th 2012
Rano_pano commented on Beorn86's reply:


Jan 14th 2012
Rano_pano replied to fortheloveofoscar's question:

Can I eat this? Organic Brownie Bar?

27g of carbs......16g of sugar!?!?!? Do you really need to ask?!

Jan 14th 2012
Rano_pano commented on s joshua's reply:

thanks. Just did try that.....didnt work.... oh well. haha

Nov 24th 2011
Rano_pano commented on s joshua's reply:

yeah, totally what I thought. Wouldnt really buy anything from there anyways, but I know temptation might have gotten the better of me at some poi...

Nov 23rd 2011
Rano_pano asked a question:

low carb megastore!!

www.lowcarbmegastore.com while trawling the internet, i found this wee website. There seems to be alot of good looking low carb stuff that could spruce up meals! I was just wondering what all yo...

Nov 23rd 2011
Rano_pano commented on 42Wired's reply:

yeah, thats why i kicked them out! cheers guys for the suggestions.

Nov 9th 2011
Rano_pano commented on 42Wired's reply:

cheers, What type of veg do u recomend. I used to include peppers, red onion and cucumber in my meals, but cut them out for some reason. Cant reme...

Nov 9th 2011
Rano_pano asked a question:

ways to kickstart weight loss again?

Hi everyone. Ive been doing SCD for over 8 months now, and after an initial great couple of months, where i lost about 30lb (i think, didnt take starting measurements) Currently sitting at about ...

Nov 9th 2011
Rano_pano commented on 42Wired's reply:

cheers for your reply. I did think that was the case. I ususaly only have about 1/4 of a pepper and 2-3'' of cucumber a day anyways. So its not to...

Sep 26th 2011
Rano_pano asked a question:

Veg allowed on SCD

For ages now Ive not been losing weight at all, been hovering around 200lb. But in this time BF% was going down, so it wasnt too much of a worry. But the last couple of weeks have shown a slight i...

Sep 26th 2011
Rano_pano replied to chopsticks's question:

how important is breakfest?

READ THE BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sep 9th 2011
Rano_pano replied to wearewhatwerepeatedlydo's question:

I need a better way to cook chicken

Ive never tried it, but I know you can steam the chicken in they steamer tower things. Best thing is, you can have all the veggies etc steaming at the same time!! 2 birds.....one stone (well, ...

Sep 6th 2011
Rano_pano replied to kurtzies's question:

Ketosis Switch

hey I had been stalling for a while so decided to try the last mile (essentially ketosis) for a couple of weeks and went back to SCD. not quite kicked out of stall but seem to be losing about 1/2...

Aug 26th 2011
Rano_pano replied to Dan's question:

What does (B) mean

working from memory here, but isn't it two different work outs? and A workout and a B workout??

Aug 26th 2011
Rano_pano asked a question:

FOOD INC. what a movie!!!!

Just in the process of watching this film, and it reminded me of a question i seen here about why SCD type diets are not encouraged as healthy! well if u want an answer to that........watch this...

Aug 23rd 2011
Rano_pano replied to oskar andermo's question:

Man bobs...

it is impossible to target specific areas for fat loss....just need to keep at it.

Aug 23rd 2011
Rano_pano replied to steveblower's question:

Entrenched beliefs

a high % of the economy and profits are to be made from grains and farms....... thus, eat lots of carbs....keep us rich..... dont eat grains.... lots of rich people lose their money! basically t...

Aug 22nd 2011
Rano_pano replied to amccoy's question:

What is causing my horrible BAD BREATH??!

I think that can be a side effect of when the body starts to break down alot of fat when the body is in a state of ketosis. just make sure u carry round a packet of mints!!

Aug 15th 2011
Rano_pano replied to 4HourStudy's question:

who skips SCD breakfast on cheat day??

Ive not bothered with the SCD brekky for the last few weeks, doesnt seem to have changed anything. Still go with the pint of freezing water and PAGG tho.

Aug 14th 2011
Rano_pano replied to sofiealex's question:

is butter ok?

Try spreads derived from Olive oils........??? no dairy and very little carbs!!

Jul 29th 2011
Rano_pano replied to weeyin's question:

Can I take bulking laxatives? If so, what ones?

Yup, as stated above, get some coffee in you! some strong black coffee will soon get things moving. Dont worry, it's just a temp thing. When I first started I was the same and was getting worried...

Jul 23rd 2011
Rano_pano replied to yarnphreak's question:

Why do I get so sleepy on the SCD?

Could be down to a shift in your body's metabolism!? it is a big change and if your body is using alot of energy to digest, burn off fat and generaly make your body function, this could be the ef...

Jul 22nd 2011
Rano_pano asked a question:

Kettlebell swings....Mind over matter!!!!

Has anyone ever been doing the swings and thought, target is XX and when they get to a few before, start feeling the burn, make the target and have a moment of self praise for doing a great job?? ...

Jul 22nd 2011


Jul 19th 2011
Rano_pano asked a question:

They say the definition of Madness is.........

They say the definition of Madness is doing the same thing, and expecting a different result!!! Just a wee thing I heard and thought about all the times Ive read a question asking what would hap...

Jul 16th 2011
Rano_pano replied to MGiron's question:

ARTICLE: WHY Water is bad for you

I think its the daily mail......wouldnt trust it as far as i could throw it....(well maybe less than that) next they will be telling us that its the immigrants fault that are causing the "pr...

Jul 15th 2011
Rano_pano commented on justin's reply:

it is about 60 Ive weighed it out! .....alot of crunching!!

Jul 14th 2011

ive no idea how PAGG affects the thyroid....? im on 100mg'/day of levothyroxine and everything has been going fine....

Jul 14th 2011

well...not a "true nut" before anyone picks up on it! but for our purposes it is

Jul 13th 2011
Jul 12th 2011
Rano_pano commented on loretta's reply:

u can have coffee, but only black, no sugar or sweetners. If u MUST(!!) U can add a teaspoon of cream to it. Also if u add cinnamon to the coffee,...

Jul 12th 2011
Jul 12th 2011
Rano_pano commented on justin's reply:

Excellent, cheers. Im exactly what the example says in the book, so ill stick to that. These nuts are gonna cost me a fortune! trying to find a sh...

Jul 12th 2011
Rano_pano replied to artemio's blog post:

Member intro: Hi, name's Arty

Welcome!!!! yeah, to second what laura has just said, you will be so used to this in no time!! it wont even seem like a "diet" more just the way it is!!! if you have any questions what s...

Jul 9th 2011
Rano_pano asked a question:

whey protein for last mile, is this any good?

Im looking for good whey protein, with zero carbs. Im struggling to find it from any UK suppliers......Ive found this one below which is lowish in carbs, but not zero!! ive searched thru the int...

Jul 9th 2011
Rano_pano commented on justin's reply:

Cheers, thanks for the info. Can I ask what IF is??

Jul 9th 2011
Rano_pano asked a question:

whey protein isolate on last mile

in the book it suggests 50g whey protein isolate..... whats the best stuff to look for? im assuming a low carb one is the best? Ive also noticed alot of bad press about it on here. Im going to...

Jul 8th 2011
Rano_pano asked a question:

Nuts on the last mile

It is mentioned that 75g of nuts are to be consumed at meals. My question is....what nuts? does it matter? are some better than others? Cheers

Jul 8th 2011
Rano_pano commented on Eric13's reply:


Jul 7th 2011

yeah,the pills.... if the allicin dose is alot higher than 200mg a pill.........didnt mean a garlic!! lol, dont think your family, friends, or any...

Jul 7th 2011

not to forget falling on the toilet brush........ try and explain that at hospital!!

Jul 7th 2011
Rano_pano replied to MGiron's question:


tealove you were close....page 114 in the book. its 20-25mg polisocanol to be taken once a day before bed 100-300mg ALA to be taken before each meal and 1 before bed (4 a day) 325mg Green tea 3...

Jul 7th 2011
Rano_pano commented on rkripala's reply:

hey, any luck with your research?? I thin ive noticed having more vivid dreams since taking it too!! its ace! I love remembering dreams! good luck...

Jul 6th 2011
Rano_pano replied to BK240's question:

SCD + Workouts - Can I have a binge day?

yes you can do the SCD and build muscle! thats what im doing....the more fat u lose, the more obvious your muscles wil be too! another point......on the binge day u can have your cereals and toa...

Jul 2nd 2011
Rano_pano replied to mtmcgill's question:

Fat Burner entry incorrect

Dont think you can delete them.....can only edit them. when you remeasure, put the edit the old info witht the new details, that way you will just have a straight line at the start of your graph ...

Jun 30th 2011

yes, i would also like that, however, as a scientist and a skiier, i prefer a longer study period? say hot til the end of october and then snow an...

Jun 28th 2011