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Yojax commented on Monsoon's reply:

Cheers Monsoon. By Cross training do you mean specifically cross fit?

Apr 27th 2011
Yojax commented on enfenn's reply:

So how often per week are you actually do CV runs? And how often tabata?

Apr 27th 2011

Thanks man. It was all going well then I had one too many drinks and a very late night over the weekend...slept for 12 hours the next day...oops B...

Apr 27th 2011
Yojax asked a question:

The Siesta - Is 6 hours absolute?

I'm trying the Siesta (I think that's what it's called), 6 hours sleep with 20 minute nap during the day. I'm just wondering how strict sticking to the 6 hours is. Eg, would it still be effective...

Apr 25th 2011
Yojax asked a question:

Has ANYONE actually completed the 12week Ultra Endurance schedule?

The 4HB was published the end of 2010. It's now April 2011 and Tim's still yet to publish the results of his 12 week Ultra Endurance 'trial'. I've looked online and in the forums to see if anyone ...

Apr 21st 2011