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My 4HB Goal: Began Occam's Protocol on 7/25. Aiming to add at least 10 pounds of lean mass in the next 28 days.







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TheBSper commented on TheBSper's reply:

So I was a few months behind schedule, but I finally got my follow-up blood work done. Unfortunately, my testosterone went DOWN by 111 ng/dL (fro...

Sep 18th 2012

The only reason Tim used this protocol is because his testosterone was low, and he wanted to get it to above-average but still healthy levels. I'...

Sep 18th 2012
TheBSper commented on wombat's reply:

What were your numbers before and after?

Sep 18th 2012
TheBSper replied to maherov's question:

Longest last mile ever

First, I think you're probably starting this too early. The Last Mile is for "the last 5-10 pounds that seem resistant to everything else", and by your calculations 200 pounds total min...

Jul 24th 2012
TheBSper commented on TheBSper's reply:

Good call! I'm not pulling out my food scale to measure each portion, I just bite off a little wedge every morning/night, but I'll try to make su...

Jul 24th 2012
TheBSper commented on Minnesota's reply:

+1 for Chipotle and Qdoba. Burrito bowl, and I like to do double-meat, plus veggies, beans and guacamole. No cheese, no sour cream, no tortilla,...

Jul 24th 2012
TheBSper replied to koolsome's question:

OP shake with Coconut Milk

Is there a reason you're not following the diet specified in Occam's Protocol? The diet for Occam's includes starches: "The meal composition is nearly identical to the Slow-Carb Diet, as are ...

Jul 16th 2012
TheBSper replied to Greg Francescon's question:

Twelve days in.

As the book recommends, make sure you're getting plenty of beans to ensure you have sufficient calories. I had a friend who failed after a few weeks the first time he tried because he wound up ge...

Jul 16th 2012
TheBSper replied to Viking-in-the-Making's question:

Vitamin-rich butter fat, PROTOCOL #1

The short answer is 500mg of butter and 1000mg of cod liver oil both in the morning and again at night. If you don't have a scale to weigh the butter, 500mg is about the size of a raisin or almon...

Mar 13th 2012
TheBSper commented on TheBSper's reply:

I just did my first day today, so I guess I'll get back to you in June!

Mar 13th 2012
TheBSper replied to roberdingo's blog post:

Sex Machine Protocol #1

Did you get blood tests for your testosterone levels? What were the numbers? If not, you should do a before/after with blood tests and I believe the book said to give it 3 months for the long-te...

Mar 10th 2012
TheBSper replied to ms504's question:

Is Mayo ok?

Doesn't Mayo violate Rule#1 from the book? "Avoid white carbohydrates (or anything that can be white). I know it's low on the glycemic index, but I couldn't find information about the insul...

Jul 30th 2011
TheBSper replied to Hokie13's question:

Help a college student...

A wise man once told me, while I was loving embracing a garbage can huddled in the corner of a party, that "No one can be a hero drinking 151 all night. Stick with tequila. No one will ever...

Jul 30th 2011
TheBSper commented on 4hpam's reply:

You can also apply the "batch processing" concept from the 4HWW. I make all 21 hardboiled eggs that I eat each week (3 x 7 breakfasts) ...

Jul 24th 2011

Definitely solid advice. I have a 1 Liter nalgene bottle that I try to fill 8 times a day, which comes out to around 2 Gallons. Just set a recur...

Jul 24th 2011
TheBSper commented on TheBSper's reply:

Wait, your gym has kettlebells, but they won't let you use them unless you're in a class? Even if they're just sitting on the floor collecting du...

Jul 4th 2011
TheBSper asked a question:

Any Stretch Mark Issues with 4HB Mass Gain Programs?

Please respond to this question only if you have successfully gained 10 or more pounds of muscle in one month using the techniques from The 4-Hour Body. If you've been able to put on significant ...

Jul 4th 2011
TheBSper replied to thisiskatcooper's question:

Day 3 Week 1, Initial Measurements and Photos

The chapter "Building The Perfect Posterior" is your friend. I'm a former collegiate hockey player, and while getting fitted for a suit once a guy commented on my "prodigious seat&...

Jun 22nd 2011
TheBSper commented on TheBSper's reply:

Totally. And given the variability of any 1 day's reading on the scale, I'd actually take an average of the past few days & compare that to the DE...

Apr 23rd 2011
TheBSper commented on Agent.Luv's reply:

I'm from NYC too. I figured it would be easier for me to comment here, and any other NYC folks can do the same, that way we won't have to scan the...

Apr 21st 2011