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Yes, I also enjoy the variation of tweaking the diet. I feel more in tune with what I really need. I just ordered a caliper, I am going to start ...

May 13th 2011
supersqu commented on sera's reply:

Keep at it! Just getting myself off of all processed foods and sugar has made me a more grounded and happy person too. The key I think is to list...

May 13th 2011

No I have not done the PAGG, nor did I read much about it. I take Rainbow Light Women's One Multi with probiotics, Food-Based Calcium, and Advance...

May 13th 2011
supersqu asked a question:

Women, it's true: wait 4-5 weeks

I arrived at day 30 today and I feel amazing. I have lost 8 lbs. (5 being the past week, finally) and 6.75 inches: 1 off both thighs, 1/4 off both arms, 2.75 off waist, and 1.5 off hips. I ha...

May 13th 2011
supersqu is doing my tutorial!

Master the Kettlebell Swing

This challenge will teach you how to properly perform a powerful fat-burning exercise called the kettlebell swing. The beauty of this exercise is t...

May 11th 2011
supersqu asked a question:

4HP FatBurner problems?

I have been wanting to use the FatBurner chart that this site provides, but no matter how many times I edit my profile or how long I wait for those changes to take effect, it always tells me I am ...

May 11th 2011
supersqu replied to rhy's question:

I'm already getting tired of eating beans...

The only way I can choke down more beans when I'm sick and tired of them is to mashed them up with garlic salt and cayenne pepper. Probably too much sodium but it gets the beans down. You can pi...

Apr 24th 2011
supersqu replied to amberphotobug's question:

Craving sugar!

I'm only on day 4, but if you makes you feel any stronger, day 1 was the hardest for me as far as cravings. It was brutal. But day 2-4 have been a breeze: I haven't craved bad food and I've had ...

Apr 20th 2011