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Heh, lazy slow carbers represent! I've lost about 6 lbs and feel kind of stalled, but not willing to do a complete lifestyle overhaul to be 10 lbs ...

May 4th 2011

When I said "mix it up", I meant within the boundaries of the diet. Basically, can I give myself a third meal option on top of the two options I cu...

Apr 21st 2011
sepiadreams asked a question:

How important are legumes at every meal?

In the book, Tim says to eat meat/protein, beans, and vegetables for every single meal. Period. However, then he goes on to suggest eggs and bacon and tomato as an acceptable breakfast, or cottage...

Apr 21st 2011
sepiadreams asked a question:

Craving sugar so much this week!

I am craving sugar so much today. I had a rather sugary cheat day on Sunday and it all went downhill from there. I've cheated every day this week. Some of it's been circumstantial (sister brought ...

Apr 20th 2011

Note: this didn't get posted for a few days since I am a new member. I went ahead and took a pretty big cheat day on Saturday, even though I hadn't...

Apr 13th 2011
sepiadreams asked a question:

Should I take a binge day if I'm not following the diet perfectly?

I'm not following the Slow-Carb Diet perfectly. I like to think of it less as "cheating" and more as following Tim's suggestion that even if you change one meal a day you'll get results....

Apr 13th 2011
sepiadreams asked a question:

Good restaurant suggestions?

Tim has a suggestion for Mexican in the book, but when I go out with friends we rarely get Mexican, and I'm stuck at an Italian place looking at dish after dish filled with white pasta and cream! ...

Apr 13th 2011