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My 4HB Goal: I'm a weirdo. I like everything while simultaneously liking nothing much at all. I have only seen skinny pics of myself in kindergarten, and have no idea how it feels to be in shape. I'm gonna try to get there.







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    Oct 6th 2013

    Heck no! Man, that would be a meal to remember. I guess I could have worded it differently. But this has really saved my hide when I didn't wan...

    Mar 3rd 2013
    Phil Michalak shared a tip:

    My go-to meal that keeps cravings at bay.

    I'm not sure what works for who, and I'm confident that everyone is different, but I just wanted to post this meal that I've found keeps me happy and satisfied throughout the week. So here goes: ...

    Mar 2nd 2013

    I have to say, my usual snack at night after work is a large diced pickle in some tuna. Lots of salt there. And I have refried beans more often ...

    Feb 28th 2013
    Phil Michalak replied to Amanda Tyson's question:

    Newbie in culinary school

    The first time I attempted SCD I was in college for Baking & Pastry Arts. I managed to lose 30 lbs in a three month period, but it meant not trying many of the things I was cooking. And that...

    Jan 16th 2013
    Phil Michalak replied to Margarethe Albertyn's question:

    Is coconut flour allowed?

    I've used coconut flour in the cauliflower pizza crust recipe found on here, and it didn't effect my weight loss at all. I've also used it to coat chicken before I bake it with excellent results....

    Jan 15th 2013

    I eat 3 large eggs every morning, including cheat days, and keep hard-boiled eggs as a snack if I get cravings at work. My cholesterol is WAY bet...

    Jan 15th 2013

    I mean I've heard Casein works. Not that I've heard of it.

    Jan 14th 2013

    I've heard of Casein, but doesn't whey protein isolate stall fat loss on SCD?

    Jan 14th 2013
    Phil Michalak replied to lisa_a's question:

    Can't get started...

    I had the same issue. I lost 25 pounds during a three month period last year, quit the diet after a trip back home, and when I got back I never found the will to start again. I'm just now gettin...

    Dec 14th 2012

    Well after the last year of experience and trial and error, I would suggest never going back to the old ways, anyway. Regardless of the ingredien...

    Nov 3rd 2012
    Phil Michalak replied to Captain Awesome's question:

    Who has your ideal bod?

    Jason f*@$ing Statham! I would kill to look like a balding Englishman.

    Jul 31st 2012

    I hear ya.

    Jul 13th 2012

    And like I said before in the post below, if you are truly worried about missing out on those Omega's, get some fish oil and get your 3's and 6's ...

    Jul 13th 2012

    It's pretty stupid too if you're only buying the eggs that cost twice as much simply for Omega 3's. Get a bottle of fish oil pills and save your ...

    Jul 13th 2012
    Jul 13th 2012

    I just noticed Mr. Wikipedia's post. Yes, if it's on there it must be true. Misinformation? One of us got the info in a college setting from a ...

    Jul 13th 2012

    No, it's only one book, but it's broken up into several sections for each different outcome, be it weight loss, muscle gain...ect...

    Jul 13th 2012
    Phil Michalak replied to Cody Furman's question:

    The lonely start?

    It might sound like a plug for the book, but it's really something you should buy. Trying to do this diet without reading the proper parts of the book is like trying to operate machinery without ...

    Jul 12th 2012
    Phil Michalak replied to kannett's question:

    Use an All-Fat Creamer in Your Coffee

    Excellent product, I use it myself. But the fat levels are off the charts with cream, so follow Tim's advice and use no more than 2 Tbsp per day and you'll be fine.

    May 1st 2012

    Every 3 hours? That can be damned near impossible for the majority of us. Getting near anything SCD-friendly at my work before I get to take my ...

    Apr 27th 2012

    I was at walmart looking coolers for a camping trip I'm taking with my kids next month (I plan waaay ahead for things) and saw that they had an el...

    Apr 27th 2012
    Phil Michalak asked a question:

    Coconut Flour Flatbread

    I found a website that had a pretty nice recipe for SCD-compliant flatbread. I didn't like how eggy the final product was, so I tinkered with it a bit. I now eat this with tuna. Very good. Has...

    Mar 12th 2012
    Phil Michalak replied to 4hpam's question:

    WOW! Cauliflower Pizza Crust !! Yum!

    I decided to try my hand at this today. I altered the recipe a bit though: 1 cup riced cauliflower 2 eggs 2 Tbsp coconut flour Organic pizza seasoning (Grew the herbs myself) I spread it out in ...

    Mar 10th 2012

    Anytime. It's amazing what kind of wool these "organic" corporations try to pull over our eyes. Best thing you can do is raise the chi...

    Mar 4th 2012
    Phil Michalak replied to ClaudiaM's question:

    I want to start running, is this OK?

    Exercise is always a good thing. And running is one of the best cardio exercises out there. I found the first time I did SCD that running 2 miles per day really kicked my weight loss into high g...

    Mar 4th 2012
    Phil Michalak replied to Angela MacDonald's question:

    Do eggs have to be organic?

    These farm raised, organic eggs that people spend so much time worrying over are no better than the cheaper eggs you get at your local Walmart. To be certified as free-range, a chicken only has t...

    Mar 4th 2012
    Phil Michalak replied to Fungalwarrior's question:

    I Did NOT Fall off the Wagon...

    I hear you brother. I was 215 when I started my divorce, and ended up 250 just a few months later. I simply stopped giving a crap. 7 years later, I'm just lately starting to deal with it and f...

    Feb 5th 2012

    Exactly. I started setting my alarm for a half hour earlier than usual just to get this done. I have a morning ritual, I turn on the stove and l...

    Feb 5th 2012

    Sounds to me like you're doing a heck of a job. Keep it up!

    Feb 5th 2012


    Feb 4th 2012

    In a country where today's youth is finding medical uses for marijuana, trying to phase out bigotry, and a larger portion of them believing in mor...

    Feb 3rd 2012

    I bought my mom and my grandma the book, and would be money neither of them has even so much as read a single page. It's a nasty cycle down there...

    Feb 3rd 2012

    It's amazing how much you can learn just by reading those ingredients.

    Dec 23rd 2011
    Dec 23rd 2011
    Phil Michalak replied to Arelleth's tip:

    The Chili That is Saving My Life

    This sounds delicious. I love chili, and I'm going to use this tomorrow for my first day back on SCD. Thanks!

    Dec 9th 2011
    Dec 9th 2011
    Phil Michalak asked a question:

    Been gone a few weeks...

    Hit a downhill slope a few weeks ago. Lost all the progress I had made. I'm not going into details, but alot of what got me going downhill was family-related and due to a trip back to Dixie I go...

    Dec 9th 2011