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Jaz asked a question:

Are Potato's ok?

A yay or a nay on occams?

Mar 24th 2011
Jaz commented on shane's reply:

I started a 10.8 stone. I am now at 11.2. I am just moving into adding one day extra recovery to octtams in my second week. So I have done 2 of...

Mar 23rd 2011
Jaz asked a question:

Having Doubts!

I am half way through Octtoms and I am having some doubts. Firstly, yes I have gained weight but I think that may be a mostly fat a water retention. Secondly, I feel my biceps and calfs are being ...

Mar 23rd 2011
Jaz asked a question:

What Type Of Milk To Drink?

I havent been making the gains I want so am going to start adding milk. The Question? What type of milk? Semi-skimmed or Whole milk?

Mar 21st 2011
Jaz asked a question:

Have I messed up?

Hey. I am currently on my first week of Occam's Protocol, I just did my first B workout today. However I realised I have mixed up some exercises. On workout A I did the Incline Bench press instea...

Mar 17th 2011
Jaz commented on Tyler21's reply:

So is peanut butter a big no no because that is all I have? And whole milk or will semi-skinned be suffice?

Mar 16th 2011
Jaz commented on LauraCox's reply:

Thanks for the feedback! The whey protein shake is from a body bulding store and is just that, a whey shake. There is a heck load of protein in ...

Mar 15th 2011
Jaz asked a question:

What do you guys think of my diet?

Greetings all! Allow me to share my diet on the protocol. One thing I have noticed is that I am Hungary ALL THE TIME. Do you think this can be improve? IS there anything I can add. I am only drin...

Mar 15th 2011