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Aug 16th 2011
IAmDildy replied to jaimidaw's question:

trying so hard to make it 6 weeks .. money ~ inconvinence

I disagree this diet is reasonably cheap to go on. I don't buy organic stuff. I'm sorry, most of the stuff labels organic...isn't organic. I buy beans..50 cents a can...because its store brand....

Jun 2nd 2011
IAmDildy replied to jgurnett's question:

Unbreaded Chicken Wings

I know this is a bit old...but dominos...bakes their wings...unbreaded. Now the only question... ranch or blue cheese?

Jun 2nd 2011
IAmDildy replied to pink's question:

What kind of salad dressings can I eat?

I keep it simple with balsamic vinegar. I wouldn't mind making a caesar dressing...it just takes more time than I care for.

May 30th 2011
IAmDildy replied to daveau21's question:

What are healthiest and tastiest drinks on slow carb diet?

Water, unsweet tea / coffee unlimited Try to keep it below 12 ounces of diet soda. are you talking alcoholic drinks? If so, none. Keep that for the cheat day.

May 30th 2011

cant have dairy products? :(

Mar 24th 2011
IAmDildy commented on justin's reply:

They made that at home...I appreciate the quick reply...I was just wanting to see if people had any other recommendations. Like at a mexican resta...

Mar 18th 2011
IAmDildy asked a question:

Slow Carb Sushi

I've got an appointment at a Sushi restaurant...anything special you guys recommend, that I can do since it wont be my cheat day?

Mar 18th 2011
IAmDildy asked a question:

Full cheat day?

Do you do a complete cheat day? I mean like every meal fast food for example? OR is that generally avoided?

Mar 17th 2011

I thought we were supposed to eat enough almost to make us sick..if we so desired...its no hold back kind of thing.

Mar 16th 2011
IAmDildy asked a question:

12lbs in first week too much?

I'm a big guy...weighing in at 354, still active doing 2-3 times racquetball practices...and now starting weight training again. I'm down to 342 in the first week. On my cheat day, I ran a trai...

Mar 15th 2011