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Thats rad! haha. ya, after gaining 7 lbs on my first cheat day, by wednesday (today) i am back to what i was before i started. actually... i cheate...

Mar 23rd 2011

Cool. I'll have to try that next week. I went on a retreat this weekend (got back tonight) so i had no choice in the food department. it was either...

Mar 20th 2011
Charles Watson asked a question:

Why does cheat day suck so bad?

haha. today was my first cheat day... and probably my last. I felt sick after every meal. it totally wasnt worth it. i didnt even have that much of anything that was too bad. it was mostly the pot...

Mar 20th 2011

i agree haha. the day before i started, my mom bought dinner (subway for two of us and taco time for 3) and it cost 40 dollars. that is the same it...

Mar 16th 2011

thats pretty cheap. I shopped at Safeway and i was sort of in a hurry so i didnt have time to shop for better prices. :P

Mar 16th 2011
Charles Watson asked a question:

How much is your weekly food bill?

I was just wondering how much everyone is spending. I know there is a list in the book and i based my first week (this week, today is day two, technically day 3 since its past midnight haha) off o...

Mar 15th 2011