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My 4HB Goal: I just finished my first stab at 28 days on Occams. I managed to gain 6lb and look and feel a lot better. I move onto Geek 2 Freak tomorrow. I will update my progress on this page every few days =)







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Captain Awesome asked a question:

What do you do to keep motivated?

Hello all, I've started and stopped several times attempting my second session of dieting, going from a fairly successful first time with Occam's and wanting to improve my results with a second r...

Jun 10th 2011
Captain Awesome replied to ckcreations hansen's question:

2 month Update with pics

You did it! Amazing results, truly. Congrats!

Jun 10th 2011

Awesome results! And awesome tats!

May 5th 2011

The second one is taken facing his mirror.

Apr 16th 2011

Whoa, fair play! 14lbs? Nice! Yeah, I'm glad I did Occams first, it was a stepping stone into the whole weight-gain process. I will be playing clos...

Apr 11th 2011

Hey! How long have you been living there? Aye, it's a pain alright, but ya just gotta make do with what you have, I suppose. Of course, if what you...

Apr 11th 2011

Cheers Shane! I did take protein before, but that was more or less it. I'm gonna take all of the supps for G2F this time around though. See you on ...

Apr 11th 2011

Thank you =)

Apr 11th 2011

Thanks, Holly. This site has been a great help already so I will definitely stick around!

Apr 11th 2011

Cheers, Neo.

Apr 10th 2011
Captain Awesome asked a question:

Before and After 28 days on Occams (with pics)

Howdy folks, So my aim was to gain weight, cos I was seriously skinny. I'm still very thin, but not as sickly thin as before, and I feel so much better physically and mentally. I thought it was a...

Apr 10th 2011

Great work! You can just crop out your head and post pics of your progress =)

Apr 1st 2011


Apr 1st 2011

Yep, I'm the same. I just use 3 firm pillows for the correct height off the ground and it does me just fine.

Mar 29th 2011
Captain Awesome asked a question:

Who has your ideal bod?

You know how it is, you either see some hunk or femme fatale on screen with a crazy delicious bod and you think, ''That meat-suit would look good on me.'' Whether it's losing weight or buffing up...

Mar 26th 2011

Hehe, tell me about it! Food, food and more food. If I get the results, I won't be complaining.

Mar 21st 2011

I can't have wholemeal pasta cos I'm a ceoliac, so it's just gluten free pasta. Why wholemeal, specifically? Will it undo any progress?

Mar 20th 2011
Captain Awesome asked a question:

Food Assessment: Your Thoughts? (with pics)

Hey all! I'm currently on day 5 of my Occam's Protocol diet and thought I'd share what my average meals are for the day to see if you think I'm not eating/eating enough, or if I'm missing some ke...

Mar 18th 2011

This is a great post! Very helpful =)

Mar 16th 2011

I would definitely add milk to your shakes instead of water. I'd also use Almond butter rather than using peanut butter, especially later on in the...

Mar 15th 2011

Oh my, I cannot wait to try this! Thanks for the tip, Maggie!

Mar 13th 2011

Thanks for the response. So, I basically follow the exact slow-carb diet, but instead of leaving out fruit and so on as suggested in the slwo-carb ...

Mar 12th 2011
Captain Awesome asked a question:

Question about High Protein diet plan.

Hello! I'm currently reading the book and am looking to gain mass. I've read all the necessary chapters, however I couldn't find any specific meal plans apart from Timothy's favourite quick high-...

Mar 11th 2011