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Jason Walker Jason Walker asked a question:

Men Beware of Omega 3 Supplements

Just finished reading this article and thought I would share it with the group here as Tim suggests taking an Omega 3 supplement. http://chealth.canoe.ca/channel_health_news_details.asp?news_id=3...

Jul 12th 2013

Agreed. Gary changed the way I thought about food, and Tim broadened that outlook for me. Actually Tim is serving on the Advisory Council of Gar...

May 21st 2013

I read from Gary Taubes once that if you consume a cup of chicken broth it eases the headaches. Something to do with electrolyte imbalance when g...

May 17th 2013
Jason Walker Jason Walker replied to Alexander's question:

Science behind 30in30 rule

I am not really sure about the science behind it, but one of the reasons that Tim discusses for its importance is it seems to help prevent the afternoon sugar cravings. If you look in the appendi...

May 17th 2013
Jason Walker Jason Walker replied to Bugzy Chorky's question:

Cholesterol has gone through the roof

You might want to ask to have a particle size test done on your LDL. If your Tri's are low and HDL is at a good level, you could have a higher level of the large fluffy LDL particles rather than ...

Apr 5th 2013
Jason Walker Jason Walker replied to fiftyg's question:

Recent study on bacon

I agree with Wombat, there are serious flaws with studies like this. For instance, they see these results and the automatically assume the processed meats are the problem because they are a commo...

Apr 3rd 2013
Jason Walker Jason Walker replied to Peter Jansen's question:

is this ok to use in the morning/at lunch?

You have to remember that typically if beans have 33g carbs per half cup they also have around 15g of fiber to go with those carbs, thus making them slow release. Since this is in liquid form I h...

Mar 20th 2013
Jason Walker Jason Walker replied to imghtbewrng's question:

Confused about exercise

There is nothing wrong with exercising. Tim warns against it because it isn't necessary for weight loss. There is a saying "A six pack is found in the kitchen." Basically weight loss ...

Mar 1st 2013

There is some evidence in recent studies that salt is not as bad for us as previously thought. It does seem to have an inflammation risk for thos...

Feb 28th 2013
Jason Walker Jason Walker replied to Douglas Sheehan Douglas Sheehan's question:

Is high cholesterol bad for us?

I posted this article in another post on Cholesterol, you might want to read it as well. There is a lot of misinformation out there and the leading scientists on the subject tend to have differen...

Jan 22nd 2013

There was a recent study that Gary Taubes touched upon about the negative side effects like Head Fog, Headaches, dizziness, etc. I wish I could f...

Jan 19th 2013
Jason Walker Jason Walker shared a tip:


I posted this article in an answer in another post but felt it was worth sharing with the rest of the forum. There is a lot of bad information out there about Cholesterol and I think this article...

Jan 17th 2013
Jason Walker Jason Walker replied to Margarethe Albertyn's question:

Can I trust my inch loss?

It is actually quite possible to build muscle on your body without going to the gym. An increase in protein consumption alone can lead to a muscle increase. No you won't get huge gains like a bo...

Jan 17th 2013
Jason Walker Jason Walker replied to Douglas Sheehan Douglas Sheehan's question:

Raise your hand if your cholestrol has gone up.

I strongly suggest anyone with Cholesterol concerns look up Dr. Krauss's research or at the very least read this article. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/35058896/ns/health-heart_health/t/bad-c... I...

Jan 17th 2013
Jason Walker Jason Walker replied to Minnie Mi's question:

Whey Protein Isolate

Whey Protein will spike your blood sugar, but the difference is that you are having it after a long fasting state. Essentially it will be used primarily for fuel rather than storage because of th...

Nov 22nd 2012

Some research into Keto diets has shown that consuming a can of chicken broth can eliminate the brain fog and headaches. It is believed (although...

Nov 16th 2012

It used to be the widely held belief that Ketosis was bad, mainly because it was the widely held belief that fat was bad. A lot of the new clinic...

Nov 16th 2012
Jason Walker Jason Walker replied to Mary Ellen Maloney's question:

Legumes beans etc

I no longer eat the beans on a regular basis. It is pretty common that most people lose the weight faster without them, or at least limiting the amount. The reason why Slow Carb is so effective ...

Nov 15th 2012

Essentially it is low carb yes, but you must eat consistently, and I wouldn't call it a cheat meal but a re-feed meal where you re-introduce some ...

Nov 9th 2012
Jason Walker Jason Walker replied to Mary Ellen Maloney's question:

I currently weight 127 lbs and am 5'3 I would like to lose about 10lbs. Has anyone had a similar goal of only about 10lbs. How fast did it come off.

Try the Last Mile section of the book. You should see results rather quickly if your body is used to eating Carbs.

Nov 8th 2012
Jason Walker Jason Walker shared a tip:

Tim Ferriss on the Advisory Board of NuSI

Finally, Tim and Gary Taubes together. Lol. Tim is on the Advisory Board for NuSI. If you are not familar with NuSI you should check it out. Nice to see that NuSI recognizes the work Tim has d...

Nov 2nd 2012

Love your answer, but don't like that you include Saturated Fats in the high LDL cholesterol section. There is no clinical study that I can find ...

Oct 13th 2012

If anyone does come across clinical studies showing how sweeteners cause weight gain, or cancer for that matter I would love for them to post them...

Oct 5th 2012

Have to agree with Wombat. Yes it is probably best to cut out all sweeteners but there really is no clinical research that I have come across tha...

Oct 5th 2012

There are a lot of studies showing positive benefits of Whey consumption in fighting Cancer, which is why I still choose it over Casein despite it...

Oct 5th 2012
Jason Walker Jason Walker shared a tip:

Everyone Interested in Nutrition Research

Everyone that is interested in Nutrition Research should check out the Nutrition Science Initiative. This Initiative is founded by Gary Taubes and Peter Attia and hopes to be a new means for mean...

Oct 1st 2012

I found greater results doing it the day before than the day after. When I do it the day before my weight gain from the cheat day is minimal. Wh...

Sep 26th 2012

It really depends on a few things. Each individual is different, so you can try it and see if it has a negative effect on you. Secondly if you a...

Sep 24th 2012
Jason Walker Jason Walker replied to Merry Popkins's question:

Headache + feverish + nauseous ... Day one. Help.

There is some studies that show drinking a can of Chicken stock helps with this. Cutting the fast acting carbs out of your diet also normally means cutting out many other things and the initial s...

Aug 22nd 2012
Jason Walker Jason Walker replied to Marcele Voussoir's question:

Why no pasta or porridge?

One answer that isn't always discussed very often is that carbohydrates (especially refined carbohydrates) stimulate areas of the brain that release dopamine (a pleasure hormone). In fact studies...

Jul 30th 2012
Jason Walker Jason Walker replied to Oliver Hume's question:

Avoiding ketosis

Slow Carb is designed to encourage Ketosis through the night, as far as my understanding goes. That is the mechanism behind the fat burning, as fat becomes a primary fuel source during your fast....

Jul 26th 2012

Hey Gretchenlin just wanted to make a few comments and see what your thoughts are about Dr. Jack Kruse and his ideas. I have read a lot of his st...

Jul 12th 2012

Oh and I am not arguing that you are wrong, so please don't take it that way. You are absolutely right that there are more Omega-3 Fatty Acids in...

Jul 12th 2012

TeddySC I don't think this kind of comment is helpful in anyway, especially the last part. Everyone is trying to help on this site and if you dis...

Jul 12th 2012

I used Whey Protein in the mornings with Milk (despite not being Slow Carb) and I lost 54lbs in total. I went from 222lbs to 168lbs. I agree tha...

Jul 9th 2012

I typically do 12-7 eating window.leaving me with a 17 hour fasting period. This worked really well for me, and seemed the easiest. Trying to ex...

Jul 9th 2012

The Science is just starting to support this idea, and Gary mentions that some people will be able to metabolize Carbs and for others they might h...

Jul 4th 2012

If your cheat day is Saturday, I would do regular Slow Carb on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Then IF on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for incre...

Jul 3rd 2012

I would not recommend doing IF until you have a month or two of Slow Carb under your belt. Also I would not do it post-cheat day but pre-cheat da...

Jul 3rd 2012

The most interesting thing about the Journal of American Medical Association study completed by Dr. Ludwig is that it shows that eating Low-Car/Hi...

Jul 3rd 2012
Jason Walker Jason Walker replied to Falcon76's question:

Have you read Why?

I am a big follower of Gary's and you should check out his blog if you like the book. He is fighting to change the paradigm that is currently making North American's obese but its an up-hill batt...

Jul 3rd 2012

Oh and also the 30g within an hour of waking also helps to prevent the 3-4pm fatigue that a lot of us experience.

Jul 3rd 2012
Jason Walker Jason Walker replied to sabre2hopes's question:

has anyone tried skipping breakfast?

I have done IF and been very successful with it. In fact I have mentioned this in other posts asking this question, but if you look in the Additional notes section of the book Tim mentions how th...

Jul 3rd 2012
Jason Walker Jason Walker replied to maddykiedis's tip:

Big bowl of everything

Sounds good. I would add in some extra-lean ground chicken for additional protein, but besides that sounds like a great idea.

Jul 3rd 2012
Jason Walker Jason Walker replied to Tomhole's question:

Exercise and weight loss

I once heard something that resonated well with me and I find to be very true. "Diet helps you wear smaller clothing sizes, exercise helps you look good naked." Basically I can effor...

Jul 1st 2012
Jason Walker Jason Walker replied to Sam Theman's question:

Has anyone used Mormon tea/ Brigham tea/ American ephedra?

I had great success on an Ephedra/Caffeine stack back when I was 24. It work though because it helped me to run for 2 hours a day with ease. Not sure how well it would work on its own. Also I w...

Jun 29th 2012
Jason Walker Jason Walker replied to Senshin's tip:

LA Times Article about calories & food choices

Interesting how when you read the actual study the base results for a Low-Carb High Fat Diet prove exactly what Gary Taubes has been saying and yet the lead author of the study who has been arguin...

Jun 28th 2012

Not to mention how bad we know Cortisol is for the storing of fat. If you stress over a few hundred calories here and there the stress alone coul...

Jun 23rd 2012
Jason Walker Jason Walker replied to Tomhole's question:

Calorie counting

It might not be the calorie counting that has helped you. Almonds for one are meant to be used in a very limited manner, and as for the zone bars unless you are using one that I haven't come acro...

Jun 20th 2012

Honestly no one is really saying that eggs are bad for health anymore, and if they are they are really far behind the curve on research. Most MD'...

Jun 19th 2012