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cgorrell asked a question:

greatly improve the bosu full extension ab crunch

You can make Tim Ferriss's exercise even more effective by adding a roller under your feet while doing this exercise. This reduces the mechanical advantage your quads produce through your lower b...

Jun 7th 2011

sounds like your using a nalgene. unless your mixing protein drinks don't they suck. go with something easy to drink from like a gallon jug or a ...

May 5th 2011
cgorrell asked a question:

some secrets I learned on my diet so far

here are some things that I have learned through experimentation lately, that hopefully will help yall out. high fat can kill your progress- even on SCD fats should still be watched. I figured a...

May 2nd 2011
cgorrell asked a question:

cissus quadrangularis week

I am thinking of taking CQ for the week that I am on spring break cause I know that I will be drinking and eating poorly. Any thoughts on this?

Mar 4th 2011