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alisac commented on sheerpink's reply:

Absolutely! I feel good overall and Tim did say women who have had children or are over 40 may not see much until after week 6 or so. My plan is to...

Mar 27th 2011
alisac asked a question:

Prior Atkins Dieters

Has anyone previously done Atkins then find it almost impossible to lose weight again that way? I'm on my 3rd week of 4HB and have only lost 2.5 lbs. I'm really not complaining because I had previ...

Mar 26th 2011
alisac asked a question:

Protein shake

In the book Tim mentions his father was drinking the Myoplex shake. Turns out there are a lot of versions. I'm getting confused as to what a protein shake should or should not have. Please just te...

Mar 10th 2011