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My 4HB Goal: That's not sweat. It's your fat cells CRYING! (Read during my first marathon)





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Monsoon replied to curtl's question:

Energy boost for early morning run?

My first question: What are your goals? Just finish a 10K? Or compete to place either over all or age group? Are you at your target weight or looking to lose more? This is a more complicated s...

Jul 4th 2011
Monsoon commented on Monsoon's reply:

brady - Dang thats awesome! Wish I had one here in the US. I went on vacation to Grand Cayman. Cold showers there? Heck no! Best they could h...

May 31st 2011
Monsoon replied to veeberg's question:

What is effective timing for cold showers?

I shoot for 5 - 10 mintues. Typically a minimum of 5. I changed to shaving in the shower and on shave days it's 10 minutes. I worked my way down temperature wise until I'm almost losing water p...

May 29th 2011
Monsoon commented on Monsoon's reply:

No I have only very recently started doing any specific weight lifting some of it related to CrossFit. I'm learning/growing more every day.

May 23rd 2011
Monsoon replied to mthies1205's question:

running often

No it won't hurt you as long as you progress into it slowly. Don't go from the diet + high rep low weight training to 4 or 5 runs/week. Build up to it or you will injure yourself. You need to d...

May 20th 2011
Monsoon commented on s joshua's reply:

$150! OUCH! I can get one (DEXA) for $50 here in Illinois or a Bod Pod for $40...

Apr 20th 2011