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EMC commented on EMC's reply:

Bluebonnet French Vanilla I think has a little Stevia in the mix, but I think they have a regular Vanilla that has nothing. Like all things, I wou...

Feb 15th 2013
EMC replied to Mike Inchalik's question:

Choosing Protein Supplements For The Slow Carb Diet

I do a combo mix. Two raw eggs, a fistful of spinach, a measured cup (the dose that comes in the carton) of Bluebonnet whey, and some almond butter or peanut powder. I use an emulsifier to grind i...

Feb 8th 2013
EMC asked a question:

Last Mile scalability

I'm planning to start last mile, and the thing that is driving me nuts is trying to find out the right amounts per lean body weight. I'm 177 at 13.5%, which is where I've plateaud for quite some t...

Nov 25th 2011
EMC replied to mtmcgill's question:

Fat Burner entry incorrect

Easy to edit entries, as said above, just mouse over the date on the left and a pencil will appear. Click on that pencil and you can re-enter. I"m okay with the Fat Burner. I believe it's b...

Jul 1st 2011
EMC commented on LauraCox's reply:

Awesome. Thanks so much, I'll give that a try. I also have a glucometer that I haven't used in a while. Will be interesting to cross-reference the...

Jun 24th 2011
EMC asked a question:

Travel helped!

I'm not proposing travel to Asia if you're at a plateau, but it worked for me. Here's the story. I was totally stalled for about two months. I was doing everything by the book. There were a few p...

Jun 24th 2011
EMC replied to jefton's question:

Fat Burner feature confusion

I had a similar problem the first time I used it. It read 300+ something %. I quit my browser, reloaded the page, and reentered the information. It worked out okay after that. My guess is that the...

Jun 5th 2011
EMC replied to Bee's question:

A "proper" cheat day?

I've been doing this for 6 months now. My cheat day is on Fridays (it coincides with happy hour at work). I keep to the structure (SCD breakfast and GLUT-4 shennanigans, plus PAGG), and I also gra...

Jun 5th 2011
EMC asked a question:

How do you measure your metabolism at home, accurately?

Specifically I'm curious about calculating different meals, the time it takes eat them, to digest them, and therefore how many calories the body would store/use over time. It seems to me that know...

Jun 5th 2011
EMC commented on LauraCox's reply:

This is great Laura, thanks so much. Bad news is that now I'm travelling the next two weeks thru Asia, on a plane every other day, so the eating w...

Jun 3rd 2011
EMC asked a question:

SCD Endpoint?

A quick story followed by the question: Today is 6 months on SCD, lost about 15 pounds or so. (190—175). However, I've not moved the needle for 2 months. I've taken a couple of breaks along th...

Jun 2nd 2011
EMC commented on LauraCox's reply:

Great and simple. Quick question, though. I would rather gain strength than bulk up. Do you get the same metabolic increase if you gain strength o...

May 31st 2011
EMC commented on sirspiffy's reply:

Thanks! Totally thorough, but unfortunately I have two obstacles: 800sq ft (incl. wife and 2 kids), and REALLY bad knees (cumulative from cycling ...

May 31st 2011
EMC asked a question:

How to follow six pack'd at home?

Hi. This challenge sounds great, especially since I've been stalled at 16% BF for about 45 days now, even after different changeups to get my body out of (now) routine. I do not belong to a gym, ...

May 31st 2011
EMC commented on s joshua's reply:

That's great. I'm up to 70 reps on 22lb kbell, ready to move up. I use the same bell to do reps-to-failure, plus myostatics and cat vomit 3x week. ...

May 23rd 2011
EMC asked a question:

Occam's @ Home

I live in an 850 sq ft apartment (with fam!). So here's a question, any ideas on how to work last mile/occam's exercise routines without a gym to go to? Kettle bells, and other easily stored tools...

May 22nd 2011
EMC asked a question:

Muscle activation pre or post meal?

I've been religiously doing the powerband/airsquat regimen before all meals, rarely if ever, when the glucose hits my blood 90-120 mins after meals. What is the recommended ideal, and why? (Co-ord...

Feb 27th 2011