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justhamade replied to andrew's question:

Kickboxing for cardio workout?

I am guessing you don't mean real fighting kickboxing. Kickboxing is a great full body workout, I would recommend real kickboxing though, much better workout. Adding some kettlebell workouts wou...

Apr 22nd 2011
justhamade replied to rockshake's question:

Protein in the AM

Whoa that is a lot of protein. 20-30 grams is what you are suppose to shoot for depending on your amount of lean mass. Tuna is one of the best protein sources along with eggs and skinless chicke...

Apr 22nd 2011
justhamade replied to markbdenneyinsf's question:

Sugar Cravings

I get these too still sometimes. The best thing that works for me is a protein shake with whole milk. Sometimes I have a 1/2 glass of grapefruit juice, or vegtable/fruit juice combo.

Apr 22nd 2011
justhamade replied to liveandkicking's question:

Limited Time

Pushups Pullups Kettlebell snatch

Apr 22nd 2011
justhamade replied to Running Scholar's question:

How Detrimental is Coca Cola to Six Pack Abs?

This is the funniest question I have seen asked so far. No only is soda bad for your bf% and six pack, but it is bad for you general heath over all. I bet that you would run even better times if...

Apr 22nd 2011
justhamade replied to Charlie T's question:

3 1/2 month progress report

Great job keep up the good work!

Apr 22nd 2011
justhamade replied to daryl's question:

Egg Flip for Protein?

Great idea if you are around 10% body fat and trying to bulk up. If you are trying to lose fat then this isn't going to help with that.

Apr 22nd 2011
justhamade replied to toplocker's question:

How Many Beans is Too many Beans?

Wow how can you stomach that much? I know there is no limit to portions in the book really but portion control has been a huge part of my success so far. I would recommend to eat more vegetables...

Apr 22nd 2011
justhamade replied to thommanoa's question:

12 Weeks on SCD took off 20 lbs. -- What next??

Great question. If you keep the same diet but add 10-15 minute of HIIT kettlebell workout you will accelerate you fat loss and build some good muscle definition. Here is a post with pictures tha...

Apr 22nd 2011

If you let me know how much you weigh, bf%, how active are on most days, when you eat your meals in relation to your workouts, then I can help you ...

Apr 20th 2011
justhamade replied to Pariah's question:

Newbie, on Day 2...

Hi Pariah, Welcome! You've come to the right place. The 4HB community is pretty big now and I have made a lot of online friends from it. Don't forget that the 4HB is all about self experimen...

Apr 19th 2011
justhamade replied to SirMichael's question:

Is whole grain bread OK?

I find it funny the way people word these things types of questions. Sure it is OK, but you will stall, slow or reverse any progress you have made.

Apr 19th 2011
justhamade replied to Raihe's question:

GOMAD Day 1: Holy &*^% That's a Lot of Milk!

Hi Raihe, I found this article on GOMAD when I was doing research to help my brother http://stronglifts.com/gomad-milk-squats-gallon-gain-weight/ They suggest starting with 1 litre and day and ...

Apr 19th 2011

Thanks and Good luck Neo!

Apr 18th 2011
justhamade replied to diana's question:

Losing lean body mass

The one thing I have found from reading a lot of people's experiences with the SCD is that there is not enough emphasis placed on keeping your diet inline with your activity. Active people need t...

Apr 18th 2011
justhamade replied to ashokraju's question:

Slow Carb + Insanity Workouts

SCD is not a low or 0 carb diet. If you are doing CKD then that is a really low carb diet. I bet you could get as good or better results with only working out 3-4 days a week 15-30 minutes of HI...

Apr 18th 2011
justhamade replied to Franklin Bonner's question:

I need a good bodyweight only routine

Franklin, I asked the same question on quora and someone posted this link http://www.oneresult.com/training/male-intermediate-weightless-work... I also have been using Convict Conditioning book...

Apr 18th 2011
justhamade replied to overmuch1127's question:

Am I Failing?!

Interesting findings, I have had similar experience myself in the past although I am not doing G2F or Occam's yet. I have become a bit skeptical of lifting until absolute failure since reading Ch...

Apr 18th 2011
justhamade replied to ShawnC's question:

Incline or Decline? With which type of bench press do you recommend that I use for a first run through Occam's?

I would do what is convenient or what is more challenging. I always struggled with decline but a lot of gyms don't have a good decline bench.

Apr 18th 2011
justhamade commented on salvame's reply:

Yeah got 5 new pairs of jeans recently. Went from a tight 34 to a lose 30.

Apr 18th 2011
justhamade replied to salvame's question:

Vacation Time. Japan. CQ & PAGG ???

MMMMM Rice how I miss you ..... I have not taken or read much about CQ, but you probably could take both. Maybe a omega-3 as well, although Japanese diets have a lot of fish. If you can control...

Apr 18th 2011
justhamade replied to jjh's question:

Mountain Biking

I am guessing you are probably not a sedentary or obese person. So some carbs would not be a big deal during of after your long duration activity. I have read in many places that marathon runne...

Apr 18th 2011
justhamade replied to amberphotobug's question:

Craving sugar!

Drink lots of water (I drink over 4liters a day). Make sure you are eating enough at your meals. Eat more vegies. What I did to slowly get off the sugar is small portions of fruit or fruit juice....

Apr 18th 2011
justhamade replied to holla1ha's question:

When I start eating normally again, will the weight come back?

I am afraid you are missing the point of the book and the diet. The diet IS eating normally. They way you ate before isn't. Now there may be some experimentation needed for you to figure out th...

Apr 18th 2011
justhamade replied to niceleaves's question:

Sparkling water hindering weight loss or okay?

Generally anything flavored is not good, read the label and see if there is a sweetener in it. Artificial sweeter is OK if you are OK with it, personally I try to stay away from the stuff.

Apr 18th 2011
justhamade replied to sam handwich's question:

Can body fat go down while inches go up?

If you are doing any sort of resistance training that could result in muscle hypertrophy which would cause inches to go up. It depends where the inches are that are increasing. Inches around you...

Apr 18th 2011

Hey Tim, Thanks I read Marks Daily Apple and link to it often.

Apr 18th 2011

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Apr 17th 2011
justhamade replied to sam handwich's question:

Snacks and lunch for all-day sports

To be honest I am guessing your are in decent shape and not obese if you are kayaking 1-2 days a week. Do you find what you are eating is that detrimental to your fat loss? It might be a bit hig...

Apr 17th 2011
justhamade replied to todorj's question:

Why do I need to eat with in 30 mins of waking?

I often don't have a blender so I just use a protein shaker. You can get them at most supplement stores. Like this http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/bbcom/shaker.html

Apr 17th 2011

Your not eating any vegetables or legumes? Are you on the CKD?

Apr 17th 2011
justhamade replied to ellenoire's question:

4HB triathletes

I haven't registered for one yet but that is a goal of mine. I will be doing a 1/2 marathon soon though. I know there are some other 4HB people that I have seen talking about triathlons like thi...

Apr 17th 2011
justhamade replied to jjh's question:

Mountain biking

I have read that rasins are a great carb source and will restore muscle glycogen quickly. Marathon runners use them see http://www.marathon-training-program.com/diet-for-marathon-runners-...

Apr 17th 2011
justhamade replied to anya2011's question:

I'm on day 4. I only want to lose ~5 lbs. Will this diet work for me?

Any change you make in your diet usually will cause a change in your body composition. Then your body will adjust and plateau. I am sure other people your size have had some success with it. If...

Apr 17th 2011
justhamade replied to bradypatterson's question:

Resistance vs. Weights

Hi Brady, I haven't started Occam's yet but have been experimenting with different body weight exercises to add some bulk. I doubt the bowflex would be enough resistance to simulate lifting heav...

Apr 17th 2011
justhamade replied to jravenb's question:

Can I use chicken broth for cooking?

Chicken broth is fine, the only thing it is high in is sodium so just watch for that.

Apr 17th 2011
justhamade replied to shane's question:

Where are you from?

Vancouver Canada There are a few 4HB people from this area, haven't met them in person yet.

Apr 17th 2011
justhamade replied to jakobo's question:

What were your thoughts when you first started?

I always have a plan and figure it will be easy, but temptation when I am at social events kill me. If your body fat is above 20% then losing 20 lbs should be pretty easy. A trick that I have ...

Apr 17th 2011
justhamade replied to overmuch1127's question:

Last Mile Meal Menu

1. Mustard is 2. I wouldn't eat any butter 3. Most SCD recipes will work I keep it really simple. I am doing vegies only. I take cauliflower, broccoli, mushrooms and through them in a wok with ...

Apr 16th 2011
justhamade replied to alicat's question:

I thought soy milk was not so bad...

Some more articles on soy http://www.soyonlineservice.co.nz/04babyhealth.htm http://www.google.ca/search?sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=phytoestroge... http://www.infactcanada.ca/stopsoy.htm h...

Apr 16th 2011
justhamade replied to manny's question:

Air Squats and Wall Pushups

I usually do a mini workout (100 push ups usually) before and/or after every diner. I figured that the science behind the cheat day would work for each meal, why not get carbs to go to muscle glyc...

Apr 16th 2011
justhamade replied to Member's question:

Carbs after resistance-training workout?

If you are training for an athletic competition and already a low body fat % then some high glycemic index carbs right after a workout would be ok for restoring muscle glycogen. Actually a recent...

Apr 16th 2011
justhamade replied to GabyYYZ's question:

Minimally effective dose on cheat day?

Great idea. I think if you want to figure out the MED you should be looking more at amount of carbs/sugar/glucose and not just calories. If you generally get calories from protein, but on cheat ...

Apr 16th 2011

ghavrveyjr ... that is awesome. You didn't provide much info in your question so I didn't know what you were looking for. If you need more energy...

Apr 16th 2011

Thank you!

Apr 15th 2011
justhamade replied to Raihe's question:

Week 1: A Few Concerns

Raihe, It is not dangerous to be thin if you are eating healthy and keep fit. Not being able to gain weight is often called a hard gainer if you look that up you might find some info to help you...

Apr 15th 2011
justhamade replied to soleilunesun's question:

After I hit my goal, what's next?

Find a new goal and refocus. I just ran into this issue myself and wrote about it http://www.myfourhourbodydiary.com/2011/04/14/refocusing-your-goals... I am way below my goal weight, and close...

Apr 15th 2011
justhamade replied to gharveyjr's question:

While eating a lot less carbs, How do I keep my energy level up?

To be honest you don't. That is why it is recommend to limit your exercise when on a really low carb diet. The slow carb diet is not a low carb diet. Eat lots of legumes and vegetables and you ...

Apr 15th 2011