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My 4HB Goal: 21/4/11 Start weight: 212lbs 24/5/11 Current weight: 198lbs I will be 140lbs this year!







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Dominique Martin asked a question:

Special give away for your cheat day :-)

8 hours left to enter!! I am giving away 5 delicious goodies baked fresh from my galley. How do you enter? Simply “Like” The Yummy Galley facebook page and "Post" your answer to th...

Jan 31st 2013
Dominique Martin shared a tip:

Super Clean Eating - Mediterranean Hot and Cold Tuna Salad!

A beautiful way to make a very simple, filling, super clean and healthy salad. It even adds a bit of warmth and brightness to the dreariness of January. This recipe was inspired by a holiday to ...

Jan 26th 2013
Dominique Martin asked a question:

Win some free goodies for your cheat day!

[img][/img] Fancy something special for your next cheat day? I am giving away 5 delicious goodies baked fresh fr...

Jan 25th 2013

Yes of course, just minus the sausage and bacon and add beans and veggies. What I like to do, If I'm cooking salmon or tuna for myself and my part...

Jan 25th 2013

I need to make another batch today and was going to add a load of rep peppers and spinach too! Great minds...

Jan 25th 2013
Dominique Martin asked a question:

Easy, Quick and Cheap Breakfast Muffins

In England, its pretty darn cold at the moment. I can only speak for myself and my boyfriend when we say thats its been much harder to get out of bed and we end up running a few minutes late. I...

Jan 24th 2013
Dominique Martin replied to halloweenqueen's question:

SCD How many carbs per day?

Anything over 50 is too much?! Pfft!! Thats like one sandwich and you're done. Read the book, it clearly says eat as much as you want. That is the point, you are satisfying yourself mentally and p...

Apr 28th 2012
Dominique Martin replied to thatruth34pp's question:

adding a small "fast carb" item has made me much less hungry throughout the day

What you're describing is nowhere near the SCD. I'm not sure why you've posted this tbh!

Apr 25th 2012
Dominique Martin replied to alwayzhungry's question:

Bad Habits

Hi, Regards to the spitting food, no amount of dieting is going to get rid of a habit like that. I think you would find seeing a CBT therapist or a Hypnotherapist very useful. They work with you ...

Apr 18th 2012
Dominique Martin replied to thatruth34pp's question:

Buffalo Wings? Possible cause of slowdown?

The problem with this meal is that you are mixing a very fatty meat with a diet drink. When you drink a diet soft drink, the body gets confused as it is tasting something sweet - the body prepare...

Apr 14th 2012

If I had eaten the same amound of Haribo etc then I wouldent have had a problem but this maltitol stuff says on the packet "Excessive consump...

Apr 13th 2012
Apr 13th 2012
Dominique Martin asked a question:

Maltitol nightmare!!!

My lord the last 24 hours has been interesting.. I did the silliest thing ever and ate sweets containing maltitol. I thought it would be ok as we are allowed 16oz of diet drinks a day. I ate 50...

Apr 13th 2012
Dominique Martin replied to angelinazabrat's question:

slow carb recipes PLEASE

I dont really like beans at all but I love these 2 recipies - and they have tuned into my bean staples! Black beans, roasted red peppers and tomatoes 2 cans of black beans 4 red peppers 200g cher...

Apr 11th 2012

Hi Amorpheuus, which carb blockers do you use and do they actually work? I was thinking about using some on cheat day (not that I want to block ou...

Apr 10th 2012
Dominique Martin voted for JJJ's reply to:
Apr 10th 2012

I used to do weight watchers, and at every meeting this is what I wanted to scream at them!! They seemed completely oblivious that all their preci...

Apr 10th 2012
Dominique Martin replied to Getfitgirl's question:

Stop or stay?

Exercise/diet example?

Apr 10th 2012
Dominique Martin replied to Kris tohm's question:

Question for those who take PAGG

I get this if I take past on an empty stomach and don't eat immediately after. I'm pretty sure its the Ala. I also get this with policosinol. I've found that having a tea spoon of almond butter wi...

Apr 9th 2012
Dominique Martin asked a question:

First cheat day tomorrow!

And i'm so excited! Ive had a really great week, ive lost almost 4kg in 4 days (monday morning to friday morning) going from 88.8kg to 84.9kg and im feeling a lot healthier and focused on my life....

Apr 7th 2012 People here are saying its ok if its unsweetened. And im sure tyat in the...

Apr 7th 2012

No way But ive head of several people doing scd using coconut milk/cream. Grrr

Apr 7th 2012
Dominique Martin replied to Danioclarke's question:

sheeps yoghurt, cheese

No - whatever animal, we are not allowed dairy products. It's nothing to do with the cows. No milk, no cheese, no yogurt. We are allowed however small amounts of heavy cream e.g. 1 teaspoon in a c...

Apr 6th 2012

Diet pepsi has aspartame in it too, will the acesulfame potassium make that much difference? I ask because diet pepsi doesnt really exist in many ...

Apr 5th 2012
Apr 5th 2012
Dominique Martin replied to unnamed's question:

How do YOU guys deal with cravings?

I'm on day 4 and last night I had major cravings! On any normal day I would drive to the shop and by 2 bars of chocolate and some kind of pastry. Last night I had a cup of decaff coffee with some ...

Apr 5th 2012

Thanks for the tips! I have snacked because i'm eating up to the point when i can't stomach any more and a few hours later I am hungry. Pepsi max ...

Apr 4th 2012
Dominique Martin asked a question:

Back on the SCD!

My boyfriend and I both started again on the SCD yesderday and so far so good! We did it for about a month last year but stopped because as I don't like beans or lentils it turned out to be a low ...

Apr 3rd 2012
Dominique Martin asked a question:

HATE beans!

I did SCD for a few months last year, although it actually turned out to be a low carb diet because my stomach just cant handle beans and pulses! I went to desperate lengths to try and make them n...

Mar 26th 2012
Dominique Martin replied to Dave Wilkins's question:

doing the SCD on the cheap

I'm finding it really expensive too here on the uk. My main staple is eggs, chicken, veggies, salad, no beans. The dollar equivalent 12 eggs $5, 1lb chicken $7, 1 head lettuce/cabbage $2, frozen v...

Jan 13th 2012

The soy beans i just bought are not high in calories...113cals per serving (80g)

Jan 8th 2012
Dominique Martin asked a question:

How long should I rest?

I'm on day 4. On day 1 and 2 I did hard workouts, day 3 was my rest day. I'm still sore today, my abs in particular. Should I have another rest day or push through it?

Jan 8th 2012
Dominique Martin replied to Captain Awesome's question:

Who has your ideal bod?

Gemma Arterton! I'm not one for six packs etc. Gemma Arterton/Scarlett Johanssen/Kate Beckinsale with Cameron Diaz arms

Jan 7th 2012
Dominique Martin replied to jodyalbritton's question:

Weight Loss Update

Wow! You actually look about 20 years younger! Congrats and keep up the good work!!

Jan 6th 2012

Thanks lisa, we arnt allowed soy beans on SCD as they are a mature version of Edamame and are not digested the same or something like that! I will...

Jan 6th 2012
Dominique Martin asked a question:

Where can you get edmame beans in England?

You can get roasted and salted edamame in M&S and in small salads in Tescos, but cant find them just on their own! I'm pretty much doing low carb at the moment because I cant stand any other b...

Jan 6th 2012
Dominique Martin asked a question:

Is 1000mcg of Chromium Picolinate per day too much?

I take 400mcg before breakfast, 400mcg before lunch then 200mcg before tea. Is that ok or is it pointless/dangerous? I've read that if you consume too much then it is broken down in the body and e...

Jan 6th 2012
Dominique Martin replied to zannix's question:

Anyone on SCD Has Acid Reflux?

I find this very interesting because I had excruciating heartburn BEFORE i started the diet and the extra protein I've been eating has essentially cured it. The only time I get heartburn now is af...

Oct 20th 2011