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feisty_rabbit asked a question:

Upcoming cheat half week...best way to mitigate or just enjoy it?

I've got a crazy half work week coming up (monday-thursday), where I probably won't be able to avoid cheating unless I simply don't eat (includes fancy reception dinners and the like), which isn't...

Oct 14th 2012

Yea, it's hard forcing that much into my stomach so early, but I try to overestimate the egg product and then eat a small bit of the ground turkey ...

Mar 16th 2011
feisty_rabbit asked a question:

Schedule Thoughts: Too much protein/too much food?

Hey all, I've tried the slow carb diet for a few weeks but not really in that I was experimenting with what schedules and things would fit my ridiculous work schedule. Anyways, I'm ready to buc...

Mar 15th 2011
feisty_rabbit asked a question:

Meyer Lemons

Hi All, I've been reading varying responses about lemon juice, but more people seem to say to drink it than not drink it, so I went out and got some lemons. Turns out they are not regular lemons,...

Feb 23rd 2011