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My 4HB Goal: 180 lbs.





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Dec 6th 2011
never_ever commented on never_ever's profile:

Trying for the second time this year to hit 180. Was down around 200 months ago but fell off the wagon. Starting around 211 this time.

Dec 6th 2011
never_ever replied to a question I'm following

Celebrate the little wins

I definitely have more energy and a generally better mood. I also just feel generally better when it comes to my body: more flexible, less heavy and gross.

Mar 2nd 2011
never_ever commented on Lisa's reply:

Ditto. I find that flavorful red wine makes a good dessert replacement and keeps down sugar cravings.

Feb 22nd 2011
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Feb 21st 2011
never_ever asked a question:

Foods to avoid on Cheat Day?

I've had very mixed results recovering from Cheat Day based on what I eat. What are some of the foods that other people have found led to unexpectedly high weight gain, water weight retention, etc...

Feb 21st 2011