My 4HB Goal: Step up the stairs, don't stare at the steps.



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If only I could have the cheat day! But it's her birthday next weekend, and Jamie Oliver has opened a new BBQ restaurant in London which we are goi...

Mar 1st 2011
Tibby asked a question:

Is a bit of Honey ok?

Hey all, My girlfriend is coming over to stay tomorrow (we do the long distance thing due to work), and she has an exam for her Chartered Institute of Marketing on Wednesday so want to cook somet...

Feb 28th 2011
Tibby commented on J35's reply:

Thanks J, I'm adding 2 rashers of turkey bacon to my breakfast, and I think I'm going to try for 2 lunches to up my intake as it's too hard to g...

Feb 25th 2011
Tibby asked a question:

Not sure about my meals?

Hi All, So I am 5 days in, but I have been feeling a bit more tired than usual and I think it's because my diet is off.. Would somebody mind looking over my diet and just telling me what they th...

Feb 24th 2011
Tibby asked a question:

Can I have grapefruit and coffee for breakfast?

Hi all, I have just started the diet this week, but previously I've been having a breakfast consisting of grapfruit with black coffee and 2 tsp of brown sugar in it. Is this still ok on the diet...

Feb 23rd 2011
Tibby asked a question:

Hi All, Just Starting and in the UK, where to get Sups?

Hi everyone, I've just got through a few chapters of the 4HB (it's a meaty read!) and my main focus in weight loss. I'm currently weighing in at 14.3st post workout, and need to get some inch me...

Feb 20th 2011