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My 4HB Goal: Weight loss - inches down - muscle building.







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    G G commented on G G's reply:

    Makes sense that you cant eat a ton at once. So from the little you can eat, stick to my suggestions eat dense food and drink plenty of water. If ...

    7 days ago
    G G replied to Leigh Penzhorn's question:

    Meal and excercise for women?

    The air squats and wall sits are for cheat day, he suggests doing them before eating. SCD is low calorie and suited for losing body fat and you could also lose some muscle. The more lean muscle...

    7 days ago
    G G commented on G G's reply:

    Oh & snacking is no issue with complaint foods, eggs, beans/lentils/salad etc. I think if you have bigger meals you wont want or need to snack...

    7 days ago
    G G replied to Leigh Penzhorn's question:

    Struggling with food?

    How long have you been doing SCD? You and your body are used to a eating schedule and like everything new we do, a new habit has to be formed. Here are a couple of suggestions: - Drink a lot o...

    7 days ago
    G G replied to RomulusLQ's tip:

    Back on the wagon...

    Life happens, your break is now over and done with and you are jumping back in with both feet. I wish you much success, you know this works. Get your head back in the game, prep your food for 3-4...

    15 days ago
    G G commented on G G's reply:

    The fat loss section of the 4 hour body or slow carb is just that. G2F is a whole different beast.

    15 days ago
    G G replied to Kasper's question:

    How to measure?

    Go to the Dr and get a baseline, then go back in 2-3 months and check again. I also eat a ton of eggs and after losing the bulk of my wieght all my blood numbers fell into normal levels. One th...

    18 days ago
    G G replied to Kasper's question:

    Too exhausted?

    Are you also eating Greek to Freak? If you are that fatigued it could be that you have’nt eaten accordingly.

    18 days ago
    G G replied to Constantin's question:

    When to add weight lifting to my plan

    Yes, you can start weights anytime and I recommend that. I also recommend getting a trainer who can show you how to lift weights properly with good form. Focus on the large muscle groups, 3 days...

    18 days ago

    1 week is too soon to make a judgement. This is a low calorie, low carb way of eating. Exercise is not necessary at this point, give your body a ...

    18 days ago
    G G commented on G G's reply:

    At 12% body fat, consider looking at lean gain intermittent fasting, rippedbody.jp has a ton of info on it as well, great articles. Might help you...

    21 days ago
    G G commented on G G's reply:

    I used myfitness pall for a few weeks just to see what my usual meals sit at, it's been a valuable tool. I found that my overboard cheat days will...

    21 days ago
    G G replied to David Hard's question:

    I'm burning way more than I'm consuming and yet I'm barely losing any weight

    SCD is extremely low calorie as you have pointed out. It also appears that your fats are very low. I can’t add much more than what has been pointed out below but I can suggest the followin...

    21 days ago
    G G replied to Adam Smit's question:

    Occam's Protocol: Crap, I'm gaining fat.

    Those protein bars are so packed with sugar usually and obscene carb counts. The building blocks of muscle building is protien, why not get it from meat sources and suppliment it with whey isolat...

    22 days ago
    G G replied to mightyash's question:

    Stupid Question Bean or Vegetable?

    100 g of green beans = 6 grams of carb, 100 g of black beans = 63 grams of carbs. Wh If you want to look at the two as fuel & fibre source black beans win, green beans are a great veggie.

    28 days ago
    G G replied to Lisa's question:

    Egg Whites?

    I never held back on the yolks, I’m more of a 2-3 whole + 2 whites for breaky. This is a very low calorie diet to begin with.

    33 days ago
    G G replied to Michelle Tillit's question:

    Acai on Slow Carb Diet?

    The benefits of avocado is the good fats. If this is the only thing you are doing that is not SCD and you are still losing weight/inches then do it. If you are stalling at least you know what to...

    34 days ago
    G G commented on G G's reply:

    One thing I notice about my cheat days. If I eat a ton of processed foods, pizza or dine out and I get loaded up with sodium and then I drink beer ...

    34 days ago
    G G replied to Mike Manzi's question:

    Not losing enough weight - any help?

    Could be a few things. - You’re not following the plan exactly but you know this. ;) - If you are not eating breakfast because you are doing 16/8 IF then based on what you listed above you ...

    40 days ago
    G G commented on G G's reply:

    I saw the info graphic for 4 Hour Body it shows a "second smaller lunch" which would bring the meals to 4 daily. This is a very low calo...

    42 days ago

    I'm a foodie too and that is what helped me, I can make anything taste good to me. If you can commit to 6 weeks as mentioned, do it. If this is a...

    50 days ago
    G G replied to Deanna Hayward's question:

    How many active members here?

    This board is pretty dead, but using the search function it is jam packed with all the information you could imagine. Since it’s not moderated, there is so much off topic threads about other...

    50 days ago
    G G replied to Karen Mailer's question:

    Bloatedness & weight increase!!..albeit early days!

    What is your Hubby eating that is making him bloated? Beans? I find this odd, but if it’s the beans, are you rinsing them before eating? What kind of veggie is he eating? Day 3 gain or lo...

    53 days ago
    G G replied to Moses Ong's question:

    How many of you eat chicken with skin on, and/or deep fried?

    I never shy away from the fatty cuts of meat, especially with slow carb/low carb eating. I bake or grill my wings though, the deep fryer is just way too much fat on top of the fat. Calorie wise...

    55 days ago
    G G commented on Tomhole's reply:

    Keep lifting, keep as much lean muscle mass as you can and along with SCD that excess fat will come off. The business trip is over, shrug it off an...

    62 days ago
    G G replied to Tricia Beeson's question:

    Four meals a day

    Do you feel you need 4 meals a day, are you hungry? If you ate 100% slow carb you could have 4 meals a day if you wanted to. Personally I was always satisfied with 3 meals a day, I may have snack...

    82 days ago
    G G replied to Tricia Beeson's question:

    Hi I'm Tricia

    Tricia, I skipped over your negative body image words and got right down to the liking your very first day. You have the determination it sounds like to make this happen. The before and afters a...

    84 days ago
    G G commented on adacandoit's reply:

    Casein is usually taken before bed by fitness/bodybuilder types that tend to eat 5-6 meals a day. Whey Isolate is taken pre & post work out fo...

    85 days ago
    G G commented on G G's reply:

    Try and keep your arms pinned to your ears and aligned with your straight back as you come up to the start position. I found myself trying to crun...

    May 16th 2014
    G G commented on Ben2TheMax's reply:

    How is it you think you're losing that much muscle? Are you starving yourself?

    May 16th 2014
    G G replied to Jasbhir Sadool's question:

    Is zucchini allowed

    http://lowcarbdiets.about.com/od/carbcounts/a/zucchini.htm It’s one of the veg I eat the most, versatile and quick to cook. Is it allowed? Not sure but it never stopped me.

    May 13th 2014
    G G replied to Sumsum77's question:

    Any Suggestions on how to fight my sugar cravings?

    Simply put you may have to power through it. if you give into them you risk binging. Save it for cheat day and let it fly, but the sugar hangover the next day is rough. One thing I like if I ne...

    May 13th 2014
    G G replied to Jennifer Schultz's question:

    Want to Lose weight with Garcinia Cambogia

    I love all the Dr.Oz conspiracy theorists, makes me LOLZ to no end. Nothing is one size fits all for people & weight loss, not even the 4 Hour Body, Paleo, Atkins, Fasting. Listen to the wo...

    May 12th 2014
    G G replied to Marie-joelle Desjardins's question:

    cat vomit questions

    You can Youtube search it, there are couple of people there demoing it. Also this video by Elliote Hulse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCbf2wqE4Gw he does’nt call it cat vomits but itR...

    May 6th 2014
    G G replied to Tomhole's question:

    First powerlifting meet this Saturday

    Hey good luck on your first comp, what a great accomplishment. Your deadlift is impressive!

    May 1st 2014
    G G commented on G G's reply:

    I should add, your liver will not aid in any fat loss until it burns off the booze, so it could lead to stalling.

    Apr 15th 2014
    G G replied to Caroline Ince's question:

    To booze or not to booze

    Red wine only during the week for me, usually Wednesday & Fridays, two glasses each day, cheat day is Saturday = beer! :)

    Apr 15th 2014
    G G commented on Tomhole's reply:

    I'm going to add something about fruit consumption as I have started to eat fruit again. If I eat fruit in the morning, it's a serving and it's alw...

    Apr 15th 2014
    G G asked a question:

    A great Video on tracking Weight/Measurements

    A great video on being obsessed with weighing yourself, weight fluctuations, day to day/week to week and info specific to women about water weight and monthly cycles. You can start it at 3:00. Pl...

    Apr 15th 2014
    G G replied to Dan Williams's question:

    My Success Story - A Brief Discussion

    Thanks for sharing and congrats!!

    Mar 31st 2014
    G G replied to Ian Cornies's question:

    VEGA ONE shakes

    If your not losing weight/inches over time.. then you know what to take out. Just make sure there is’nt hidden sweeteners or corn products. I would mix with water over the almond milk.

    Mar 31st 2014
    G G commented on Litfuel's reply:

    Why would a vegan version better? Nothing will beat a quality whey isolate. 0 sugars & 0 Carbs no flavor, there are a ton of them out there. ...

    Mar 27th 2014
    G G replied to Johannes Hesse's question:

    Newbie got a lot of questions.

    Hey Johannes, welcome to the journey. Are you adding chili sauce to the canned beans or are you buying them that way? At any rate check for sugars & hidden wheat or corn or any of the 40 co...

    Mar 20th 2014
    G G replied to Grace Sheng's question:

    Long term effects on the kidneys? Nutrient deficiencies?

    I had a DEXA scan after being on SCD for over a year and my bone density was way above average. After blood work my cholesterol went form high to normal, my blood pressure went from high side to n...

    Mar 11th 2014
    G G commented on ironcheftj's reply:

    Luis, you sound like me with regards to cheat day gains and how long it takes to drop. I think you are on the right track, it's time to start coun...

    Mar 10th 2014
    G G commented on G G's reply:

    I know the battle and I still live it. You give up so much of the food you used to eat and the results are not what what you expected. Stay the c...

    Mar 4th 2014
    G G replied to Josh McMahon's question:
    Mar 4th 2014
    G G commented on G G's reply:

    Since you are starting out.. you will probably need to give yourself 6 weeks of 100% to the letter slow carb before you can start to see what certa...

    Feb 28th 2014
    G G replied to MaryFatimah Weening LAc's question:

    Tofu allowed?

    Hey there and welcome to the journey. Here is a good thread on it http://4hourpeople.com/question/520/no-tofu-why-not Were you thinking of eating it daily or once a week type thing? I eat it inf...

    Feb 27th 2014