Mary Ellen Maloney

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My 4HB Goal: I want to lose 10lbs! Starting weight 127.5



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Mary Ellen Maloney asked a question:

Legumes beans etc

What is the theory behind eating legumes beans etc? I know that's what makes the diet "slow carb" do you really have to eat them? I've not been eating them the last week and I've lost 3 ...

Nov 15th 2012

Thanks! All very helpful!

Nov 10th 2012

I usually eat low carb but am not super consistent. I just read the chapter you are talking about. Basically alot less carbs and no lentils etc ri...

Nov 9th 2012

I also wonder if it will be harder for me to lose since I already pretty much eat low carb. However, I am not consistent so I am sure if I really ...

Nov 9th 2012

I agree Akane that it's all about patience and staying the course! Mary C, I relate to you on the weighing...I am the same way! It ruins my day wh...

Nov 9th 2012