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    I dropped 1.7kg (3.7 pounds) in a day after my second cheat day. It's the water weight coming off.

    Nov 23rd 2012
    John Smith commented on Graham's reply:

    To elaborate on this; Tim expressly says that you can drink up to 450ml of diet soda per day in the book. I cut soda and energy drinks out cold tu...

    Nov 23rd 2012
    Nov 23rd 2012
    John Smith replied to Dmayoff Mayoff's question:

    Anyone else excited about 4-Hour Chef?

    Just bought the Kindle version for 5 bucks.

    Nov 21st 2012
    John Smith replied to Dianna Ivanov's question:

    I'm confused? I thought beans were good!

    I would stick with it a bit longer. Your body needs to adjust to the no-carb thing. I didn't start seeing good daily weight loss until the second week. This diet works for me; I put on 2kg on Satu...

    Nov 19th 2012

    As I wrote this I realised I'm not eating enough protein in the morning. I'm going to add some bacon and lentils to my morning scramble and cut th...

    Nov 19th 2012
    John Smith asked a question:

    Different Ratios of Protein, Legumes and Vegetables at Different Meals

    Hi guys, I am asking something extremely specific here, so bare with me... I am entering my third week on the SCD and I'm fairly certain it's working effectively. As I go, I'm learning and resear...

    Nov 19th 2012
    Nov 19th 2012

    Yeah, lentils are a staple of my chilli now.

    Nov 15th 2012

    I don't do any of the damage control stuff on my cheat days so I can't really comment. I know he suggests you eat a SCD breakfast and drink a smal...

    Nov 15th 2012
    John Smith replied to MaryC's question:

    Breakfast is breaking my spirit! Help

    I eat 2 eggs with two heaped teaspoons of cottage cheese, a 1/3 of a cup of beans and two or three blocks of defrosted spinach scrambled in a little bit of butter every morning, seasoned with some...

    Nov 15th 2012
    John Smith replied to Alyssa Jones's question:

    Any tips for surviving the holidays?

    Surely even with events you're not going to be eating three non-SCD meals a day? I would suggest (and I'm not an expert by any means) that you stick as much as you can to the SCD (breakfast, dinn...

    Nov 15th 2012
    Nov 14th 2012
    John Smith replied to Juan Pinillos's question:


    I looooove chilli con carne and it's quite slow-carb friendly, aside from the lack of rice. You don't need a slow cooker for it though; I make mine in a pan... Off the top of my head the recipe wo...

    Nov 12th 2012
    Nov 7th 2012