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    Dale Zilva replied to sal sharma's question:

    please review and help guys !!

    It looks as though you are not incorporating beans in your lifestyle. Beans / Legumes are very important at least in 2 meals for the day

    Nov 26th 2012

    I was in the sam situation for 2 weeks. I realized that it was the amount of water you drink. Beans, not scientifically based, tend to expand du...

    Nov 20th 2012
    Nov 7th 2012

    It's good to know it was not only me

    Nov 6th 2012
    Dale Zilva asked a question:

    My stomach is getting bigger

    Hi All, i have started the SCD roughly a week ago. Did or does anyone else feel extremely bloated throughout the day. My stomach actually feels like it is getting bigger. I have not put any re...

    Nov 6th 2012