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My 4HB Goal: Lose 60 pounds and return to a healthy BMI





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    Alyssa Jones replied to Sean Murray's question:

    Advice for slow carb friendly pack lunches

    I always pack my lunch and I think the real key is to make Sunday your prep day, and slow-cookers are your best friends in this. 2lbs of Carnitas in the slow-cooker is about 4/5 meals for my bf an...

    Nov 26th 2012

    Cheese? Hmm....

    Nov 26th 2012
    Alyssa Jones replied to angelinazabrat's question:

    slow carb recipes PLEASE

    Pinterest also has some good ones if you search for slow carb or 4hb recipes. Look over the ingredients though- some slow-carbers are not following the diet to a T and add in non scd foods. I skip...

    Nov 19th 2012

    Thanks! I figure I can mostly stick to it but wanted to know if there was any damage control i could do beyond the mini workouts beforehand. I've ...

    Nov 15th 2012
    Alyssa Jones asked a question:

    Any tips for surviving the holidays?

    Hey all: Week 2 here and my calendar is blowing up with Holiday events. I realize we get one cheat day, but I have back to back events on some weeks. I'm not planning on going crazy and stuffing ...

    Nov 14th 2012
    Alyssa Jones replied to angelbrenda's question:

    Re: Quick Breakfast Ideas?

    Egg muffins are the best! 350 for about 22 minutes in muffin tins I use egg whites and black beans and the rest is up to you- I make two batches of 12 every time, and they are always slightly di...

    Nov 12th 2012
    Alyssa Jones replied to Juan Pinillos's question:


    I got our slow cooker from Target- Croc-pot for $40. Not sure if it's the best but it does the job. I like to make carnitas in mine: 1) Get a 2 lb pork shoulder and put it in- and fill croc pot...

    Nov 12th 2012
    Alyssa Jones shared a tip:

    1 week in and doing fine

    Hi Friends: One week in and feeling pretty good. I did the unthinkable and weighed myself and I am down 5.7 lb which I think is incredible. I've tried just about everything under the sun( includi...

    Nov 7th 2012