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My 4HB Goal: The greatest reward for doing is the opportunity to do more





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TMI is part of the process, I'm a Mom of 5, it don't bother me none ... you're right tho, there's not as much liquid intake on cheat day. Now I we...

Nov 4th 2012

Welcome Arleene!! We're looking forward to hearing about your progress!!

Nov 4th 2012
Anja Prescott replied to Alyson Stinson Dopfer's question:

Committing for 4 more...

Have fun with it ... you're gonna do great!!

Nov 4th 2012
Anja Prescott asked a question:

I'm up 6 lbs after yesterdays cheat day

Yes, I got my fill of more than I needed but that calls for 21.000 calories I don't get it!!

Nov 4th 2012
Anja Prescott asked a question:

I'm not sure about this!!

I started SCD about 3 weeks ago and lost 3 lbs on it! I was so excited ... then I went nuts on my cheatday, ( don't think I had a single healthy meal, lol) anyways ... I've been really strict with...

Nov 1st 2012