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My 4HB Goal: My goal was to lose 50 pounds. I did that in just under 6 months just by following the plan. My next goal is to get my body fat percentage down to 20%, which will likely require adding in some exercise. That isn't a problem, I like more



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Oct 23rd 2012
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Oct 20th 2012
JeffS asked a question:

I lost 50 pounds in 6 months with 4HB!

Nothing fancy, I mostly just used the basic plan in the book. I am also certain that one of the big reasons for my progress has been this site. Reading all the success stories was quite motiva...

Oct 20th 2012
JeffS blogged:

50 pounds in 6 months

Just followed the plan. No extras, just kept it simple.

Oct 20th 2012
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Oct 20th 2012