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    Feb 21st 2013

    Thanks everyone for the advice. Akane and Drew, I definitely need to make sure that all the trigger foods are gone, and that I am well prepared f...

    Feb 19th 2013

    I'll definitely have to check these out. Thanks!

    Feb 19th 2013
    Deborah Baldauf asked a question:

    Holding off on Cheat Day until sugar cravings cease

    Hi everyone!! I'm looking for some advice. It concerns cheat day. It seems that I go in terrible spurts. I have a great week. PURE SC, nothing at all with sugar and all SCD approved. Then,...

    Feb 19th 2013
    Deborah Baldauf replied to Maria Rider's blog post:

    Week 24 Maintenance Results - Start of Lent means a change in meals!

    Akane! I have to say, you are such an inspiration! I know you are, but you should be totally proud and pumped about your successes! Keep going girl! You are inspiring me to get going and get h...

    Feb 17th 2013

    Hey Jess. You sound like you're pretty much in the same boat I am. If you want to buddy up, I can. I'm 33, 5'4, and wanting to go from 147 to a...

    Jan 10th 2013
    Jan 6th 2013

    Hey Nancy ... for some reason, your message didn't go through. I tried messaging you to see if maybe it was my account. Starting off fresh today...

    Jan 6th 2013
    Deborah Baldauf replied to Claudia Letonja's question:

    My progress, one week in...

    Those results are spectacular! Keep it up!! And definitely keep us posted. How are you feeling? Do you have more energy? Let us know.

    Jan 5th 2013

    Hey Nancy! I'd be happy to buddy up with you, if you'd like. If you'd like to email me, my email is Or you can l...

    Jan 5th 2013
    Deborah Baldauf replied to Senshin's question:

    Post holiday check in! How'd you do?

    That sounds really kind of cool. I know what you mean about getting "thrown off" during the holidays. I myself am still trying to reset myself. I'm also a morning exerciser. Love i...

    Jan 4th 2013
    Deborah Baldauf replied to Minnesota's question:

    Buddy System -- Let's do this, together.

    I too would be up for a buddy! I'm 33 (or will be in a month), 5'4" and 149 lbs. I'm at about 28% bf right now. (I just ordered a caliper online ... waiting for it to come in.) I'm look...

    Jan 4th 2013
    Deborah Baldauf asked a question:

    Ice Age .... Morning Ice water

    Hey all! So I'm trying to add all the tricks I can without taking any supplements. Yesterday, I tried the ice pack on the back of the neck and this morning I had a HUGE glass of ice water befor...

    Dec 19th 2012

    Thanks!! I'm going to try eating earlier, and doing more of a warm-up when I start.

    Dec 18th 2012
    Deborah Baldauf asked a question:

    Exercise vs. breakfast within 30 minutes

    Hey everyone .... I just have a question about breakfast and exercise. I like to work out in the morning, and get it done. However, if I do this, I cannot have the 30 grams of protien within 30...

    Dec 18th 2012
    Deborah Baldauf asked a question:

    Hunger problems

    Hey everyone! I'm still relatively new to the slow-carb lifestyle. I actually find that I'm having a little bit of a tough time. I'll do really well for three days or so, and I feel great! I c...

    Nov 28th 2012
    Nov 28th 2012
    Deborah Baldauf asked a question:

    Adding Flaxseed

    Hey all! I was just wondering if anyone out there adds flaxseed to omlettes or salads for additional protein and fiber. Is flax even allowed? If so, what have your guys' experiences been? Any ...

    Nov 13th 2012
    Nov 12th 2012
    Deborah Baldauf asked a question:

    Just starting out

    Hey everyone! I'm new to the slow-carb life, but my husband's been following the program for quite a while with great results. I'm 5'4", and 147#. I'm wanting to lose about twenty poun...

    Nov 10th 2012