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My 4HB Goal: 12% body fat, roughly 20 lbs of fat loss.







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Yes, most mayo brands have added sugar and preservatives. Even if it doesn't, the caloric density is so high it's also consider a domino food, so...

Apr 3rd 2013

Be careful of pre-processed turkey burgers they might have sugar, salt, and preservatives added to them.

Mar 13th 2013
Feb 27th 2013
Chris Montone replied to Caroline ryan's question:

Why no cheese?

It's not true that cheese has zero carbs (nutritional data gets to round the largest whole digit so zero is not necessarily zero). The longer the cheese is aged the less lactose content it will h...

Feb 27th 2013
Chris Montone replied to Bugzy Chorky's question:

Vacation Binge

I've gone off for a week more than once. I tend to get back right where was pre-binge within a week or two at the max. However I kind of level out and eat a lot less after the first 2 days of go...

Feb 14th 2013
Chris Montone replied to Ampao Lluch's question:

Is this ok for beans? Campbells Pork and Beans

Loaded with sugar and high fructose corn syrup, a big NO.

Feb 13th 2013
Chris Montone replied to Dylan Richards's question:

5'11" male. Currently weight 203. Can I go to 165?

Very unrealistic goal, it depends mostly on body fat % but I highly doubt you could be healthy at 5'11" and 165 pounds. I'm 6'2" and my goal weight is 190 at 12% body fat and I'm not ve...

Feb 11th 2013
Chris Montone replied to Don Rush's question:

Slight headache and sore?

Whatever that is if it persists for more than a day you need to get it checked out. Sounds like you did something to your neck and is unrelated to SCD. The diet shouldn't be causing soreness, no...

Feb 11th 2013

Olive is fine, butter is not, ghee is allowed. 80 oz of water is no where near enough.

Feb 7th 2013
Chris Montone replied to Chris W's question:

Help needed: Not losing weight as fast as most.

First and foremost, if your losing weight be happy! Who cares how fast, this isn't The Biggest Loser, there is no prize money waiting for you. Three comments 1) Make sure you drinking at least ...

Feb 7th 2013
Chris Montone replied to Bugzy Chorky's question:

Too many beans?

If you are losing weight don't change anything, if you hit a plateau then try cutting back on the beans.

Feb 7th 2013
Chris Montone replied to dowilliamson's question:

I'm not motivated to following the 4 Hour Body

Well if you look to behavioral psychology, Motivation is the weakest force is creating change all be it a necessary one. When you say "I'm not motivated" does that mean you have no desi...

Feb 7th 2013
Chris Montone replied to Luan Cronje's question:

Omron scale

Bodyfat scales are the least accurate ways to measurement your body fat, you'll need several data points to see if it's trending down or up.

Feb 7th 2013
Chris Montone replied to Drew Carter's question:

Protein Ratios

At least 30 grams of protein for breakfast and at least 20 grams of protein for lunch and dinner.

Feb 7th 2013


Feb 2nd 2013

Oh duh, I've probably read the book at least 3 times and I didn't put that together.

Feb 2nd 2013

Thank you! I'm a personal trainer and I want the data to back up my recommendation.

Feb 1st 2013
Chris Montone asked a question:

Drinking 8-16 oz of water before breakfast

I've been trying something new this week. Within the first 10 mins of waking up I drink between 8 to 16 oz of water well before I eat breakfast. My weight loss has increased significantly, norma...

Feb 1st 2013
Chris Montone replied to 4HourBod's question:

Do you stretch before workout?

It depends on the type of stretching. Static stretching, since the muscles are temporarily elongated, can make you weaker especially in heavy lifting. I think it should only be done after to ens...

Jan 30th 2013
Chris Montone replied to Tom Kim's question:

How much is too much sugar?

Sugar is too much of a oversimplified, broad term. There are all kinds of "sugars" not to mention the way the sugars molecules are bonded together change their properties. The goal is ...

Jan 29th 2013
Chris Montone replied to jekku's question:

Is coconut cream or milk ok to eat?

Coconut cream is most likely a no, it's heavily processed and usually made using cow milk. Coconut milk is only ok if it's all natural and fresh and made with water. However it's also usually ma...

Jan 26th 2013

Oh that one, it also has a lot of b-complex in it which can make you jittery especially since you ending taking it 4 x day. I personally don't th...

Jan 26th 2013
Chris Montone replied to Roberto Briancon's question:

Some doubts about the time and size of the meals in SCD

I only eat 3 meals per day. The 4 hour mention is that you should be eating enough that you don't get hungry for at least 4 hours after you eat. 6 hours is fine.

Jan 26th 2013
Chris Montone replied to Christian Tambo Holm's question:

Bad beans or no beans?

There might be local varieties of legumes without "beans" in the name. For example this article mentions a few:

Jan 26th 2013
Chris Montone replied to Scott Brooks's question:

First day on PAGG

Do you make sure to buy decaffeinated green tea extract? Sounds like you got one with caffeine.

Jan 26th 2013

My whole point was to get very specific in exactly what your eating and when you eating it. I can see a few areas to test from your follow ups. ...

Jan 25th 2013
Chris Montone replied to wombat's question:

Static contraction for damage control?

It should work. I think it's about contracting as many skeletal muscles as possible at a high intensity not so much increasing heart rate. Even Tim mentions forcibly squeezing your thighs at the...

Jan 21st 2013
Chris Montone replied to leblanc's question:

2 weeks with unexpected results

I'm going to be blunt because you are all over the place in this post and I want you to succeed. 1) When you say "we follow it pretty close." Pretty close doesn't cut it, if you don't ...

Jan 19th 2013
Chris Montone replied to Margarethe Albertyn's question:

Can I trust my inch loss?

You won't know it's fat unless your measuring your body fat %. However I can tell you I gained muscle on SCD without even working out. But a loss is a loss so your doing something right, keep up...

Jan 19th 2013

Also you would get enough daily calories just eating meat and veggies. Legumes provide the extra energy to get through day feeling great.

Jan 19th 2013
Jan 19th 2013
Chris Montone replied to Margarethe Albertyn's question:

Foggy on the whole "ketosis" thing...

I really think your over thinking the whole ketosis thing. What is really important on SCD is getting enough water, all the symptoms your describing sound like mild dehydration. Make sure your d...

Jan 19th 2013
Chris Montone replied to Margarethe Albertyn's question:

Is coconut flour allowed?

Test it and see what happens. Coconut and Cocoa both seem to be low glycemic. However coconut flour does seem to be a moderate inflammatory which isn't good:

Jan 16th 2013
Chris Montone replied to Douglas Sheehan Douglas Sheehan's question:

Raise your hand if your cholestrol has gone up.

We have been feed lots of bad information and fat has gotten a bad wrap. There is 1 things from what I've read that have been found to raise cholesterol: GLUTEN Here is a great article about a ...

Jan 16th 2013

Not all veggies are allowed, especially potatoes

Jan 16th 2013
Chris Montone replied to Dylan Tomlinson's question:

Foods that we're not supposed to eat that you eat anyway without hurting your diet...

Just so you know, if the mayo your using is just eggs, oil, and vinegar with no added sugar, it's completely slow carb friendly and you're allowed to have it. Also parmesan cheese contains almost...

Jan 16th 2013

Nothing wrong with seafood as long as it's not breaded and fried.

Jan 16th 2013
Chris Montone replied to FloridaMike's question:

Shirataki Noodles - SCD Friendly?

Shirataki is made from the Konjac plant and I believe that is a starchy or "white" vegetable. Which would disqualify it normally. However since the caloric load is so low you'll simply...

Jan 13th 2013
Chris Montone replied to John Smith's question:

Different Ratios of Protein, Legumes and Vegetables at Different Meals

I love your inquisitive nature, I'm the same way. Short answer yes eat all 3 at every meal 1) Vegetables contains all your electrolytes you need for healthy cell function and your primary source...

Dec 25th 2012
Chris Montone replied to Isaac Figueroa's question:

G2F, take supplements but regular workout regimen?

Just be careful, supplements are not magical bullets and you need to track them carefully and throughly.

Dec 25th 2012
Chris Montone replied to Nathan Richer's question:

After 2 Weeks...

Great progress! Whatever weight you loss is fine each week and as long as you lose something it's a success!

Dec 25th 2012
Chris Montone replied to Elizabeth Dietzmann's question:

gaining weight - don't think this works

I've lost 40 lbs and over 15% body fat on the diet, it can work. 1) Protein powders are tricky and usually you have double up to get the 30+ grams of protein with 30 mins of waking. This is cruc...

Dec 25th 2012
Dec 25th 2012
Chris Montone replied to Silver007A's question:

What are the supplements I need for Gaining muscle?

Timing & Protein is way more important than any supplements. As the book says you want to work out in the afternoon (about 8-10 hours after waking). Giving your body enough rest between work...

Dec 25th 2012

I think olive oil or grapeseed oil is your best bet, nuts are really easy to go overboard with.

Dec 25th 2012