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Go Beyond the Kettlebell Swing

So you read the book, got the kettlebell, and did the swing over a thousand times by now. As fun as it is, it's probably about time you expanded yo...

Jun 1st 2011
Selma replied to val's question:

Constipated on SCD

Hey, I became "regular" only after the third or fourth week. I´ve been on SCD for three months now, so I do not remember exactly when, but it took a loooooong time. I drank a lot of wat...

May 4th 2011
Selma replied to Blaze's question:

Thinking of throwing in the towel on the SCD

I have been on SCD from the start of February and have lost maybe 2 pounds, but it was on the first week so I think it may just be water weight. I have seen some minor changes in my body, but I th...

Apr 15th 2011
Selma asked a question:

Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes...

I have read SCD part in Tim´s book several times and also many posts here and yet I am confused. Why do so many people here say that tomatoes are not allowed or allowed in moderation? Where has t...

Mar 14th 2011
Selma commented on shane's reply:

I do not understand the fuss around tomates. Even Tim says that they are allowed. If I remember correctly he says that tomatoes and avocadoes are o...

Mar 11th 2011
Selma commented on Selma's reply:

Well, best is to avoid it at all, but for example Laura Cox (one who had huge success on this diet) had only 1/4 cup of cottage cheese per day if I...

Mar 9th 2011
Selma replied to a question I'm following

Anyone having trouble staying regular?

I was irregular for 2 or 3 weeks in the beginning and it was a real "pain in the a..." But then everything kind of went back regular by itself. I think it just takes time for your diges...

Mar 9th 2011
Selma replied to a question I'm following

Am I "to the T"?

After a glance to your menue there are some things that pop up: - way too much coffee (preferred is 1-2 cofefe per day) - way- way too much cottage cheese ( this is allowed only in moderation, if...

Mar 9th 2011
Selma asked a question:

Women with small children, how is your progress?

I have 2 children (1,9 and 4). I just started my fourth week on slow carb diet and up to now I have not seen really impressive results. The numbers on scale have moved only 1 kg down (I know these...

Feb 21st 2011
Selma replied to a question I'm following

Are these allowed when on slow-carb diet?

I would argue on tomatoes. I reread the book and it said that tomatoes and avocadoes are the only fruit allowed and only avocadoes are allowed in moderation. It didn´t say anything about quantity...

Feb 17th 2011