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Selma asked a question:

Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes...

I have read SCD part in TimĀ“s book several times and also many posts here and yet I am confused. Why do so many people here say that tomatoes are not allowed or allowed in moderation? Where has t...

Mar 14th 2011
Selma commented on shane's reply:

I do not understand the fuss around tomates. Even Tim says that they are allowed. If I remember correctly he says that tomatoes and avocadoes are o...

Mar 11th 2011
Selma commented on Selma's reply:

Well, best is to avoid it at all, but for example Laura Cox (one who had huge success on this diet) had only 1/4 cup of cottage cheese per day if I...

Mar 9th 2011
Selma asked a question:

Women with small children, how is your progress?

I have 2 children (1,9 and 4). I just started my fourth week on slow carb diet and up to now I have not seen really impressive results. The numbers on scale have moved only 1 kg down (I know these...

Feb 21st 2011