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Andrew Blacker asked a question:

Calories! Can you eat too little?

I am really enjoying the 4 hour body. And this platform is teaching me so much. Quick question. I am wondering if I am actually eating enough calories each day. Here is my program: BFAST 8:0...

Oct 16th 2012

Dylan--Thanks. I am really hyper focused on trying to get down to exactly what I should be eating and how many calories is best to keep my metabo...

Oct 15th 2012

I should add I am 215 now. 5'10" --my goal is to get to 175.

Oct 15th 2012

Drew--Thanks so much. My biggest worry--and this is kind of funny I that I will slow my metabolism down from too few calories. For e...

Oct 15th 2012

Drew--could you share with me your weekly meal guide? Including cheat day. I am very much in optimization mode. I appreciate it. Do you eat su...

Oct 15th 2012

Amazing. I took it totally light on the beans yesterday--upped my veggies and my protein and I am down 2 pounds today. I thought you HAD TO EAT ...

Oct 14th 2012

Very cool re: almond butter. I am going to try it this week and I will let you know how it works. Also--it will make sure I get enough "cal...

Oct 13th 2012

Question then....And thanks for the help. I thought that the beans had some important place in the diet. Are they just to make us feel not hungr...

Oct 12th 2012
Andrew Blacker asked a question:

Male. 4 Weeks. 10 Pounds. Need Help.

I am 4 weeks in...and I have lost 10 pounds. Here is my diet: Morning:8:30 AM 2 Eggs 3 egg whites 1.5 tablespoon of Macadamia Oil Large portion of washed beans 2 tablespoons of Baslamic Vinegar ...

Oct 12th 2012