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    Alejandro GD replied to Juan Pinillos's question:

    One year! Fit-aversary!

    Congrats man! you are a GREAT inspiration. I just started again and this time I have no plans of quitting! :D

    Apr 1st 2014
    Dec 18th 2012

    Thanks for the advice, as I usually eat it during my cheat day, I don't get too serious on that. Nevertheless you are totally right and I should s...

    Nov 30th 2012
    Alejandro GD replied to Drewfis H's question:

    Best SCD comfort foods?

    Hi Drewfis, How about some SCD Brownies? I've eaten some during my cheatdays in order to aid the damage-controlled actions due to a lower Carb intake in pastries (which are my true Kriptonite). S...

    Nov 28th 2012

    which place in Heidelberg? I should try it next Saturday!

    Nov 27th 2012
    Alejandro GD replied to Francisco Bento's question:

    about to loose it...

    Hi fcobento, just to tell you that I also used to smoke while on diet (not SCD, by that time) and as soon as I quit I did also gain 4Kgs. That was the main reason why I started excercise. So, in...

    Nov 7th 2012
    Alejandro GD replied to Jonathan Werner's question:

    I've been trying to find the section on the last mile with no luck

    In the soft-cover book starts on the 149th page. It is the John Romano's training/diet in order to achieve a sub-10% BF

    Oct 17th 2012
    Alejandro GD blogged:

    Superhuman quest

    Hi everybody, I present myself to the world as part of my commitment with a SCD which I've found til now (on my current 3rd week) very pleasant. I'm 27 years old, come from Mexico and currently ...

    Oct 4th 2012