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    I don't like working out at the gym and I rarely use weights when I train. I prefer doing plyometric body workouts because it uses your whole body...

    Oct 10th 2012

    I found a recipe online which is pretty similar, will give it a try. Thank you.

    Oct 9th 2012

    I will give this a try. I normally add bananas to mine but since we can't have fruit what do you suggest putting in the shake?

    Oct 9th 2012
    Marina Cesar asked a question:

    Hard time with breakfast.

    This is my second week doing the SCD. So far things are going well and I'm not struggling with my cravings as much as I thought I would. My problem is that I don't really like eating breakfast. Du...

    Oct 9th 2012

    I'm having the same issue. Today is only my 3rd day but I just don't like eating a big breakfast in the morning. Today I only have a couple of scr...

    Oct 3rd 2012