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My 4HB Goal: Lose ten pounds fat, gain ten pounds muscle!





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    Thanks! I especially appreciate the plateau tip.

    Oct 11th 2012

    LadyHye: (continued)Also consider your caloric needs as a lactating mother and the practicality of making such a drastic shift that could comprise...

    Oct 7th 2012

    LadyHye, if you fast while breastfeeding you can definitely change your milk supply. Drastic changes in your intake will affect the quantity and q...

    Oct 7th 2012
    Jamie Olson Peterson asked a question:

    When to start PAGG stack?

    I've been doing the SCD for three weeks now and began PAGG simultaneous to the SCD. I"m getting close to starting Occam's Protocol, as I'm close to my target weight of fat loss. My question...

    Oct 7th 2012
    Jamie Olson Peterson asked a question:

    How long to do SCD before starting Occam's protocol??

    Hey everybody, On the SCD for ten days now. Am wondering when I shift to incorporating Occam's protocol? I think I read when I've lost the amount of weight I'd like to lose, but want to confirm it...

    Sep 28th 2012
    Jamie Olson Peterson replied to supersqu's question:

    Women, it's true: wait 4-5 weeks

    Thanks for this thread! Am only ten days into it and was wondering if I'm doing something wrong, even though I'm following the routines religiously. Needed that reassurance!! Way to go, ladies!

    Sep 27th 2012